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Girls of the World Cup!


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An obviously fun minigame of the World Cup is spotting girls in the crowd.

My favourite from the Euros was this absolute beauty.


Bring on the World Cup girls :cool:

She was heartmeltingly cute.

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This thread reminded me of World Cup 1998, where Ronaldo's gf was shown several times every time Brazil played :D

The girl got more tv time during that tournament, then most players did :D

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No Scandinavian teams in the competition. Their girls will be missed :(

South American ones though...

Took the words right out of my mouth mate :D

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Which tournament did the whole 'camera man picking out random girls in the crowd' thing start?

it's been done for ages to be honest, World Cup 98 was a case of "when will they pick Ronaldo's girlfriend out of the crowd" which they did on numerous occasions

I remember them doing it in Euro 92 as well when it was hosted in Sweden

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