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Tactical combos - are they contradictory ?

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Still relatively new at creating my own tactics, so i got some questions :

Are these contradicting. I know they aint showing up ingame as conflicting each other, im just curious how they work together

Drop deeper / Hazzle opponents - will my team sit deep and THEN start "hazzling" the opponents, or do they actually do it all over the pitch as soon as some opposition player recieves a pass?

Im considering using "Drop deeper" against weak teams to lure them out of their "park the bus positions"

This is my Team instructions :


Mentality : Control

Fluidity : Very Rigid

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They don't contradict.

Drop Deeper will just set your Defensive Line deeper.

Hassle Opponents will set them to Close Down More (and a couple of other things relating to tempo and marking).

They are separate instructions which operate as separate entities. In general terms, it makes more sense to Hassle Opponents from a highish defensive line (which you have by default on Control). However, a high line increases the chance of leaving space behind, so it's a balancing act.

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