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Please give us a better personal assistant.

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Often in the game, we meet people that offer to loan our player as regular and bail. When confronted, he simply don't care. Will be nice if my personal assistant reminds me that this man, or the club has done this in the past. Also, sometimes, our own player come complaining that he don't believe us. And when we said it will be allright by the end of sesaon, he simply said I don't believe you. I think will be nice if someday later if somehow we click on this player, my assistant would remind me that this player is not who I want. Can it be implemented?

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I tend to put a note on the manager so when a loan comes in, I check the manager and see if I flagged him as 'letting me down'. However, mostly if you loan a player to a team where your coach reports says the player is currently at that divisional level, then players should get the game time.

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