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JP Woody

Brendan Rodgers style blitz tactic.

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Hi guys, not played FM in quite a while due to other commitments. Just started playing again and made a brand new tactic based on Brendan Rodgers Diamond tactic, high tempo which looks to blitz the opposition early. Ive been really impressed with Liverpool this season like many others im sure.


Ive only used this tactic over 2 seasons with Dortmund so it may not work with smaller clubs, in those 2 seasons ive won 2 German league titles, 1 German cup, and 1 champions league.



No opposition instructions used.

Match training Attacking movement 50%

General training Fitness 50% (average intensity)

Rest before match unticked.

Rest after match ticked.

Individual training leave to assistant.

Team talks:

pre match: calmly pick up where you left off or for the fans.

Half Time: losing Aggressive talk.

Drawing Assertive not happy.

winning 1-2 goals "things going well but you can do better.

winning 3 or more goals don't get complacent.

Full time: its up to you, if you're happy with the result praise, if you not then aggressive talk.

These are what i use but feel free to use your own or ask the assistant manager.

Pitch as big as possible but not not important

Players, just buy best you can afford, pace up front an advantage though.

Hope you have as much fun as i am with them.




TACTIC http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/84913773/file.html

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Will be interesting to see how people get on with this one. I used a similar tactic myself, identical in shape just different roles. I found that the scoring capabilities were brilliant but defensively it was very leaky if teams were to counter you down the wings.

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The Master of tactics is here!!! Good to see you back JP Woody.

Like always, your tactics are briliant. 11M 9W 0D 2L 33Gf-12Ga with Liverpool in 3rd season without transfers!!!

Thanks for your work mate!

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