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Why I post three tactics? Offer help and ask for help

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Hello all,

First of all, I must say thing go pretty well with my team. I'm in the 5th season and I got SJ Ver from the 3rd level to the highest level. Even qualified for the EL (runner up in the Portugese Cup).

The results of my team are generally good, but I do have trouble dominating easy matches, and when matches do go well (2-0 e.g.) I pretty much get into trouble all the time (2-1, 2-2, 2-3), no matter what I do: drop deep, play defensive, no pressure on ball, etc.

But like I said; the tactics have their good things, posession in general is good, the matches are nice to watch (good passing), the results are reasonable/good. I always perform above expecations.

Therefor I want to shae these tactics for everyone to try, BUT I also would like to have some clean eyes on my tactics, giving me some advice about what doesn't seem right.

I use three tactics, using them depending on how my opponent plays:



I usually use this one when my opponent plays 4-2-3-1. But in general this one seems to work best for me against other tactics too.



My tactic when I want to outflank my opponent. Works well against teams who play 4-1-2-1-2. In general seems to work less...



This is the tactic I use against 4-1-2-2-1. Though this is my favourite, because of the positioning, but it makes my defence vunurable.

So if you want to try, go ahead.

But if you have some good advice about how to improve it, please let me know!

My main concerns:

- I can not control the match, not if I defend, drop deep, etc. The opponent always creates some good chances (lots of balls behind the defence or poor covering of my backs)

- Though I sometimes have lots of posession, I can not transform that into chances. That might have to do with my short passing, control, patient instructions?

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Is there anyway you can embed the images in the first post?

People are more likely to want to respond if they can see the set up without clicking through a link.

I'm not sure if the site hosting the images gives you an option to share on forums, rather than a url?

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A few general observations and questions, just to get the ball rolling:


How is the movement between the lines in this one?

I can see you are Fluid, but the Duties still seem a touch disjointed.

You have no wide midfielders, so the full backs are your only source of width, yet they have relatively conservative Roles and Duties.

Is there a reason why you Drop Deeper? Control suits the Hassle Opponent instruction, but arguably dropping your defensive line lessens the impact of Hassle Opponents.

Why Pass Into Space? Who is in space, and available to run into it?


Why Play Out Of Defence? Control Mentality already has short passing at the back. It seems a bit unnecessary to me.

As above, what is the thinking with dropping defensive line but still using Hassle? Were you worried about space behind the defence?

In general, I feel this tactic lacks enough bodies in the box when attacking. The AF and IF are the only threats as the AP will hold position, and I'm not sure how regularly the BBM gets far forward?


How is that MC duo getting on? Even with a pushed up line on Control, my preference would be for a consistent defensive Role in the MC line, and the BWM isn't typically that responsible with his positioning. I can see a case for a CM (D) with a BWM (S), but not the way round you have it.

That apart, it looks fine to me. In general, is there a reason why you don't appear to use a Sweeper Keeper? It probably suits the 4-2-3-1 the most with your settings, but it might be worth a look.

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