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[14.3.1] Winged Almagrana Rigid - your holy grail. Nuff said.

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Winged Almagrana Rigid (WAR) is a crazy ultra-attacking tactic that crushes your balls like a sledgehammer. It makes your opponent bleed like Mylee. You are going to score more than 100 goals per season and concede half of that, but you know what? That`s fun! If you like to keep it tight at the back - forget it. This is for real gung ho lovers. For those about to rock - I salute you. Grab your beer, grab your bacon, grab your tactics and let the massacre commence. Wanna proof? Wanna proof? OK! You got proof.

Boca Juniors are one of THE most overrated teams in FM. They buy dudes for millions, they sell them for millions and win everything they can. Guess what? San Lorenzo don`t care




Some Peruvian noobs thought they were gonna mess with me. Guess what? I messed with them. Hard.


Winning Copa Libertadores ain`t enough. You gotta DOMINATE. You gotta CRUSH SKULLS. That`s how you do it:


8 out 11. Repeat after me: eight out of eleven.

Wanna score goals? Wanna score tons of goals? Like double digits for half of your team? Here you go:


Still not convinced? Look what I did to the mighty Milan. They were ******** their pants and praying for me to stop:



All right. Now let`s talk about HOW.


Basically you make them suck six times. Your gangbanging team consists of your complete attacking wing backs - basically your wunderwaffes. My left one - Cespedes - is usually the top assistant and sometimes even the top scorer. Double digits easily. Then your inside forwards. I used to play wingers, but decided to make them cut inside to make more space for my CWBs. Segovia - easily the top guy ever apart from Cespedes - >200 goals all together. The playmaking center is your AP, who not only creates but also hits it hard from the distance. The lone cowboy in the box is just there to pull the last trigger. Oh, and make sure you have tall and jumpy centre-backs. They love to provide nice headers from corners.

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?953sbikqisda8a2

Of course - as with all my tactics - it is 100% plug and play.

Divide and conquer.

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Nope. Just team instructions.

FM is a simple game which people love to overcomplicate. I always use plug and play tactics (which every year I hear this time really don`t work :D) and I try to make them as universal as possible.

I also think there has been no need for specific player instructions since the roles were introduced.

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Have you tested this tactic with any other teams and at the start of the game not in the year 2029? as people claim the game becomes easier later as the seasons pass by due to poor AI squad building.


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I am half way thru my 3rd season with Vitesse and am leading the league, 24 games with 3 draws & 2 losses. I had a look at your tactic, familiarity was close so I gave it a bash. 5 games with absolutely no changes, game 1 lost 3-1. 2nd game won 4-2, 3rd & 4th games lost 3-1 and 5th game lost 2-1 to the team coming dead last who just set a league record for most games without a win. Don't think I need to mention what my board thought. Anyway maybe the style just doesn't suit The Holland Total Football way of play. BTW, all my goals were scored from corners and none from open play while the opposition were carving me open at will.

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Results so far, instant results for friendlies. Training- Team Cohesion - High



Unlucky to have lost against Southampton, conceded through set-pieces.



Killed Man-City, but they still had the same amount of CCC's and shots on target.

Tactic is what it is, High-Risk, High-Scoring I guess.

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I love your writeup. Latest feedback doesn't help but perhaps tactic isn't fluid yet. But you are in 2030, hardly accurate testing.

I am only in 3rd season and when I tried the tactic it was pretty fluid, not far from my own tactics but over 5 games it wasn't good for me. 4L & 1W with 13 goals against and 8 goals for. I think the league/country you play in makes a difference.

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I am only in 3rd season and when I tried the tactic it was pretty fluid, not far from my own tactics but over 5 games it wasn't good for me. 4L & 1W with 13 goals against and 8 goals for. I think the league/country you play in makes a difference.

I feel you. The 2030 comment was refering to TS, not you.

I plugged in this tactic on 2 save games which sorta needed saving :p One was an FMC Injury Crisis save game. I lost 3 games in a row and switched.

One was a Liverpool almost half a season new game, I lost 2 games and drew one. I got bombed.

So I have my doubts on this.

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Well, I guess it wasn't your holly grail.

Tried this win Man United for half a season, it went really well, I've scored tons of goals, even welbeck scored over 20 goals in 15 matches, that says a lot.

I haven't bought anyone, only sold a few players, cough, cleverley, cough



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It would be great if you could test this tactic with a team at the beginning of the game, as its impossible to know how good your current squad in 2030 is.

Exactly this :thup:

You could be a crap team IRL but when your in 2030 your real life crap team could be the best in the world with a team full of world class regens. Utterly pointless IMO

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It's way too defensively bad. In the year 2030 with your super team in the Argentine division it might work, but I was testing with Aston Villa, and it just gives away too many chances, against any bigger clubs, you'll get murdered. It gives away from 50-10 clear one on one chances per game against stronger clubs. It will score 3-4, but you'll concede 6 or more. I'm trying to get rid of the high line and offside trap and play it less offensively. It might work better that way.

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Tactics training on average all year long.

I won everything with San Lorenzo with it (twice in a row: Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup).

I also won Copa America and Confederations Cup with Argentina.

I am managing Sao Paulo now and I have a new tactic - even better :> Soon I will test it further and upload if successful.

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No idea how I am keeping cleansheets, since it seems my defense only seems to consist of my superhuman centrebacks cutting out every pass that comes to them, but the attack is pretty solid across the board. Midfield doesn't seem to be doing as well in defense as they do in offense, but that's a given. Pretty good tactic!

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