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I've had an idea for my perfect FM save for a while now....I've found 14 so darned difficult I'm just barely getting into it, so I've not been able to implement my plan. And I just realised something which might prevent me from achieving my goal.

As someone who prefers the 'pure', fan-orientated football of the lower leagues, but craves success for my currently non-league real-life home team, Wrexham, I want to have a save where I start in the wilds of the Irish Leagues, then move on to either the Scottish Div's 1 or 2, follow that with a stint in the Welsh Premier, then finally, with a few promotions and cups under my belt, get my dream job at Wrexham, and turn them into world-beaters.

My biggest obstacle is going to be my sheer ineptitude at the game, my tactical niavety and my inability to read games. But, putting that aside for now, I've just discovered the European Rankings, and I'm now wondering if they're going to be the 'fantasy breaker'.

At the start of my current attempt, I got the job of Finn Harps manager, in the Irish First, which is ranked 126th best league in Europe. I got them promoted to the Premier, ranked 46th.

Here-in lies my issue....if it is such. I wanted to take on the Irish leagues, then Scotland, Wales and finally English non-league (assuming Wrexham are still down there)

However, the Irish Prem is ranked 46. Scots Div 2 is 117, Div 1, 92. The Welsh Prem is 98, the English Skrill North/South 120 and the Skrill Premier 85. If I follow my intended career path, I'll be moving from higher to lower ranked leagues on a number of occasions. My question is this. If I manage in a higher ranked league, does that mean I'm unlikely to get a job in a lower league (say from Irish Prem to Scots 2) because I'm considered 'too good' for the lower division? Conversely, if I'm in, for example, Scots Div 2 and I attempt to get the Wrexham job in the Skrill Premier, am I likely to be considered 'not good enough' because the Scots Div 2 is ranked so much lower than the Skrill Premier?

Thanks in advance

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You'll be fine - I don't think I've ever been rejected from a job for being "over-qualified". Don't think it's a mechanic that exists in game. Just means that if you want the job, you'll get it.

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