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Adding and removing leagues

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Hey all,

Question: I don't have a particularly great PC but I like Journeyman saves. I add and remove leagues as I go along, adding a few leagues of similar ranking and reputation to widen the job market as I gradually work my way up the global football ladder. What I want to know is this: If I started a save with a few leagues (small or medium database) and had several as 'view-only', if I were to move from a club in Slovakia to say, Hungary, is there then a way to switch the Slovakian league to 'view-only' or do I have to keep it as either 'playable' or remove it completely? I am visually impaired so it is entirely possible that I have just missed an easy way to do this, if so, sorry.

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know if you remove a league you remove it completely and if you add one, it is fully added. View only can only be set at the start of the save.

That said, I don't have FM14, so it might have changed.

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