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Inconsistencies with a 4-2-3-1

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Hi I'm mid 3rd season with Spurs currently playing with a 4-2-3-1.


This has worked relatively well for the past two seasons, however I'm always finding myself going through large batches of inconsistent results. My front 4 when they play well are unbeatable, but they go missing far too often and often have ratings of about 6.2 or so. I've tried dropping my two centre midfielders to DMCs to counter the better teams, as well as changing my LB and RB to full backs rather than complete wing backs but this is seemingly to no avail.

I would say that my main problem is struggling to break through teams as well as opposition wingers cutting in via a through ball from the ST. I haven't changed any individual instructions.

GK: Lloris

RB: Walker

CB: Ginter

CB: Vertonghen

LB: Silva

CM: Pizarro

CM: Sandro

AML: Lamela

AMC: Eriksen

AMR: Yarmolenko

ST: Sigurdsson (Strange I know, but he was lethal for me last season, 35 goals. Yet as with Lamela and Eriksen, very hot and cold.

Any tips or help would be very much appreciated!

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Hi, I'm no expert, but I think that your wingers attack the same room as the CWBs. If you for instance change your right Winger to a support duty, he will probably work a lot better with the CWB who will overlap. On the opposite side I would change the full back to a support duty to support the attacking winger. Even if this leaves you with fewer players on Attack duty, I think you will easier break through the opposition as it gives you better movement.

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Wingers cutting in from a through ball. Seems like you leave too many space in the back. I think your stopper leaves too many space in the back and your cover cant cover all the spve.

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Cheers for the feedback I'll try and adjust that! I was also thinking that maybe my wingers get in the way sometimes as well? Especially with Lamela's tendency to cut in, so I was thinking of using the shout that they play more disciplined?

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Here is my recommendation:

- use Balanced fluidity

- I agree with the advice given above about the wingers and fullbacks

- or you could play AMR as IF-S, AML as W-S and keep your attacking fullbacks

- don't use stopper/cover, use defend duty for both

- with High Tempo and More Direct passing you are probably giving the ball away too much, so think about changing those instructions.

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