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Need defensive advice on 4-1-2-2-1 Control

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Hello all,

I could use a bit of your help. I'm using a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic, playing control and fluid. I'm very satisfied and my performance in general is above expectations, but still I'm not very satisfied, mostly because of one reason: I concede quite alot of CCC and goals. It feels I need that last extra thing to tip the balance in favour of my team to really dominate matches. Sometimes I win from the top teams and then get hammered by smaller teams.

I added a screeny of my tactic.


Some match stats I have alot:

3-3 against an equal team

- Match stats: http://postimg.org/image/51483b68f/

- Positions: http://postimg.org/image/9ssg4ccah/

I go for control, push up higher and hassle. My feeling says I should not push up higher and/or hassle. Any words of advice?



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It`s hardly to say what`s wrong because you didnt say what type of goals do you concede?

But from what i`ve seen: 1.DM or even anchor should better protect defence then BWM i think. 2. hassle opponents is a quite extreme instruction. It`s better to use when you need goal or you can use it if you have great players in defensive positions so you are sure that they can handle with counter attacks of opposite team.

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My understanding of a BWM is that even in the defensive role they will roam from their position a bit to try and close down and win the ball. He won't be sitting in front of your back 4 and staying in there, which is probably closer to what you want? I'd propose a DM or even an Anchorman.

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Good remark Vladis: the CCC I get against usually are balls dropped behind my defensive line and the striker running from the last man.

So it would be logical if you drop "push hire up" instruction or even tick "drop deeper"

Also "play narrower" could help reduce number of through balls. And as I've already mentioned be careful with "hassle opponents"

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