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Henry Charnock

Football Manager Handheld 2014 Update 2 (5.3) out now!

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Hi all,

The second full update (version 5.3) of Football Manager Handheld 2014 is out now worldwide for iOS and Android!

App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/football-manager-handheld/id599937501?mt=8

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigames.fmh2014

The update will be available on Amazon at a later date as yet to be determined.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the game, please take the time to read our FAQs:

iOS FAQ: http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=39

Android FAQ: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/sections/200677321-Football-Manager-Handheld-2014

We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we've enjoyed making it - please feel free to leave any feedback in the feedback thread here:http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/373417-Football-Manager-Handheld-2014-Official-Feedback-Thread


January transfer window data update

Fixed Twitter login buttons not correctly displaying on some skins

Fixed size of scoreboard graphic on some HDTV skins

Fixed scout results panel incorrectly displaying scout on an assignment

Fixed players appearing in scout results that have been signed by the user

Fix for some scout report summaries changing between viewings

Tuned transfer and regen AI

Fixed rare player profile crash when player is signed by an inactive reserve team

Added Sweeper position to some player position strings

Tweaked ability of virtual players at top clubs slightly

Tweaked player match performances slightly

Fixed instances where match analysis string in news item did not match that on the page itself

Tweaked AI manager movement

Added news item when starting game managing nation/unemployed

Added injury doubt to Player Availability page

Improved predicted line-up on Next Match page

Fixed tipping own team for relegation bug

Tweaked Coach/Scout Reports

Tweaked AI manager tactical choices

Tweaked squad status perception for players

Added ability to view opposition roles/instructions in match

Added search by Nationality and Based filters to Player Search

Improved handling of custom MyClub team names in non-English languages

Fixed retention of inactive area display style in preferences

Prevented attempts to exchange players in auctions

Added option to view club tactic page by default when tapping club name

Tuned loans to non-domestic clubs

Tuned transfer AI (free transfer signings)

Tuned transfer AI (declining older players)

Tweaked how players react to sales

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