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Best set up for a flat back four?

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So before i start i'll give you a little bit of information on what team i am and how i want to play.

I'm North Ferriby (my local side) and i'm now in my third season after starting unemployed. I coped fine with the Skrill north and won the division by 5 points however it's come to the Skrill Premier and its all going horribly wrong.

I've played 26 games and only managed to win 6 however my main problem is defending. I've conceded 59 goals which is absolutely horrendous and the worst of the lot was being 4-1 up away at Salisbury after 49 minutes only to lose 5-4. I'm surprised i still have a laptop to type this on after that result but it has got a tiny bit better since then!

I watch the key highlights and going forward everything seems to be going okay. I've scored 38 which for a side second from bottom is pretty reasonable but i need some help defensively.

I was originally playing a narrow diamond with full backs on support (which got me promoted) but i've honestly lost count with how many different formation/systems i've tried, which probably hasn't helped either i know!

What i notice in games is that the oppositions wide players, whether it be wide midfielders or wingers cause me the most problems. A central player will pick the ball up and you can see it coming a mile off, the wide player starts his run, inside or outside the full back, crosses it in and bang, goal.

What i'm asking for really is how to stop this? I can see it happening all the time and i've tried numerous things to stop it but i cant seem to be able to!

Please bare in mind my Full Backs are certainly aren't Branislav Ivanovic or Cesar Azpilicueta but they are professional footballers (just)!

Any help would be massively appreciated and anymore information i need to provide i'd be more than happy too!

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Defending starts from the forward line, so it's not so much a case of the best way to set up a back four, but more a case of how to set up an entire tactic with an eye on how they defend and attack collectively.

If your full backs are exposed a lot, you need to think about how to get your midfield set up to give them some support. A narrow diamond won't have helped them, but you got away with it in a lower league.

You say you've tried a bunch of systems, can you summarise the formations, Roles and Duties you have tried?

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I've tried a flat back 4 with a cover/defend cover/stopper and both on defend/defend. I was at one point playing a flat back 5 with my Full Backs on support but that seemed to affect my attacking play too much so reverted to a back 4. I'm now currently with a cover/stopper in a back 4. The quicker defender being the coverer

One change i have made is moved my central attacking midfielder back into central midfield. Exactly the same role but it's just an extra body back for when i don't have the ball.

I noted what you said about defending from the front too, i've put both my strikers onto tight marking so hopefully they'll close down a little bit more and with a bit of luck stop the opposition full backs getting on the ball.

Ideally i want to keep this formation as i like 2 up front and some of my attacking play is the best i've managed to create in a long long time.

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