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What are the key attributes for some of the new Staff roles?

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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this has been asked elsewhere but I couldn't find much about the new staff roles and in particular which attributes impact their performance.

I know from years of playing FM that for Coaches, Determination, Discipline and Motivation were all crucial to how effective their coaching was regardless of which type of coach they were. So it's important to have these attributes reasonably high in combination with the coaching skills they need. Man Management and Working with Youngsters was also a nice to have depending on whether they were First or Youth Team coaches.

But I'm curious about the new staff roles and a bit mystified how to spot a winner from a loser. For example, what makes a good Director of Football, Head of Youth Development, Head Physio or Head Scout?

Is there a funky guide that covers these new Staff roles and how to get the most out of them?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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well, this wasn't as helpful as I hoped, but I did learn that you can influence the staff attributes of a player nearing retirement if you want them to join your coaching staff: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/staff/staff-attributes

this, however, might help: http://www.mypassion4footballmanager.com/2012/11/football-manager-2013-guides-backroom-staff-attributes.html

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