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What has happened to Willian after 14.3.0?

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Hi guys,

Has anyone else noticed that Willian suddenly has become a beast after 14.3.0. I'm currently halfway trough my first season with Newcastle, and Willian so far has got 18 goals and 10 assists for Chelsea who are topping the league. He has an average rating of 8.20!

Was he this good before the latest patch? His stats and skills are not that good, but "the special one" certainly knows how to use him in the right way! :D


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Funny that you mention it, I played Chelsea last night and he helped destroy us. I don't know if they tweak attributes but he was definitely a key player for them. In my save Chelsea aren't doing too well compared to previous saves pre-patch but that's how the Premier League is in FM games. Top teams in real life tend to struggle.

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