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Finding good balance in tika-taka (Josep Guardiola Barca,Bayern M)

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So i manage Vitesse in Holland and use 4-6-0,4-3-3,and my asymetric system with AML on AMC.I use hassle opp with tight marking and high defensive line,but in some point of game (about 60 min) my players become tired.Also,i concede high proportion of goals on counter attack,corners (that is my fault). So here is my player roles :





--Wa---------T(a/in 460 sys)--IFs



short pass

retain poss

play out of defence

low tempo

exploit left flanke/middle

be more expressive

Sometimes I change DMd role to HB,but in my case i found that DMd work best for retainnig possesion.

I found very hard to defend deep,and in that case i concede high proportion of goals,and often found myself in high pressure of opp.So,i want to hear some advices from u.


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DLP - dribble less/direct pass

AP - direct pass

W - Shoot less/cross by line/fewer risky passes

IF - more direct passes/sit narrower

DM-Shoot less

WBL-croos centre

WBR-fewer risky passes

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1.Change the lone forward to support,he needs to link play

2.Play IF-A because of 1. and W-S; W-A is more appropriate for direct play and catching opponents on the counter

3.Change AP-A to a runner in the box (CM-A or BTB)

4.Loose all TI(keep short pass or retain p.) and PI, watch 4-5 games, than maybe add 1-2 , watch again,repeat

5.Good luck

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