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[14.2.2, 14.3] 4-3-3 Flat - finally a working tactic :)

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I have had some success on previous patches (got Nykobing from 2nd division to Superleague, won the Polish league with Jagiellonia), but since the introduction of 14.2.2 patch all my tactics stopped working. This finally changed after I came back to my old tactical school of early FMs and late CMs - namely - a flat 4-3-3.

My La Serena side, recently relegated from the top division in Chile, not only have won the league, but right after promotion we finished 7th and won the national cup.

This is a possession based tactic without wingers - just the way I like my tactics to be. You will get a lot of shots and a lot of possession.



Here it is:


Cup final:


Domination in the semi final:


My best player and top scorer:


My best defender:


Goals scored against teams:


Assist distribution:




The link to the old version has been deleted, no need for it.

Link to version #2 (see post #20):



Enjoy it and leave comments :)

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No OI, as far as team talks are concerned keep them in green, MORALE is the key. Poor morale = poor results, nevermind what tactics you use.

Training: I rotate all the categories every week: balanced 1 week, tactics 1 week, defence 1 week, etc. - all on average workload

Half of my team are my schoolboys :)

I made one correction to the tactic:

Withdraw the center striker (DLF) onto an AM C position with a role of Shadow Stirker. Leave two strikers with AdvF roles.

I have just won the Chilean Supercup and eliminated The Strongest (Bolivia) and Deportes Quito (Ecuador) from Copa Sudamericana.

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Is that a question? ;) Yes, it has. And also changing his position from SC to AM. With stonger teams I tend to play DEFENSIVE instead of COUNTER now.

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Going to give this a whirl with my Southport side. For a change I am out of ideas on what to do with them so I am going to see if this tactic does any better than my own

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Eliminated River Plate (!!) 4:1 (!!) in Copa Sudamericana, lost championship by one point, but look at these stats:


37 goals and 44 assists by Jorquera!

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WOWSERS... just won the league for the first time with Liverpool using this tactic - this is great for the tough games... won the league in the first season on a new start game after playing preseason with a different tactic - was 13th after 10 games, changed to this tactic and lost to arsenal 1st game.. then beat chelsea 2-1. then won or drew almost every match... 1st with 81pts which won me the league - In other seasons id had 82/3 previously and come 3rd as lost to city chelsea arsenal mancs etc so they had 86/87pts - if you beat the top 4 teams your in with a chance! NEVER used a defensive tactic before and it works wonders..... signed the wrong players before i changed tactics as well - Andre Ayes (aml - played him DL mostly) Doria - mostly as sub as only 19. Alberto Cerri 825k - SC - 3rd choice, Tim wiese on a free for cup games. in January signed Stanciu for 7m, but he only played a few sub games and cup matches to give coutino a rest..... I cant believe it!!! Great tactic

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