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How can I edit the player attribute colours in FMC?

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With not many options for FMC skins I would like to make a simple change to the original.

How can I edit the attribute colours to my choice? I can only seem to view the steklo skin that I have used for FM 14. Where can I find the FMC basic skin in my folder?

Also is it possible to change the background colour to dark?

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If you want to edit the default FMC skin, then download the FMC Base Skin.

To edit the attribute colours locate and edit this lines from the settings\base_fmc2014 settings.xml file:

<colour name="low attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="40" alpha="140"/>

<colour name="normal attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="40" alpha="200"/>

<colour name="good attribute" red="40" green="40" blue="120" />

<colour name="excellent attribute" red="0" green="0" blue="255" />

<colour name="unknown attribute background" red="255" green="255" blue="255"/>

<colour name="low attribute background" red="216" green="157" blue="157"/>

<colour name="normal attribute background" red="94" green="149" blue="183"/>

<colour name="good attribute background" red="53" green="148" blue="82" />

<colour name="excellent attribute background" red="19" green="93" blue="19" />

To change the attribute colours on the profile pages you'll need to edit the background values rather than the attribute values directly.

Editing the backgournd is more complicated as you'll need to extract the graphics from fmc2013-widgets skin located within the data\skins.fmf file of where you installed FM14, copy them over to the base skin and edit them. (The main white bits seem to be table elements and should be controlled by the graphics in this location: fmc2013-widgets\graphics\table\custom\fmc - which you'll need to copy to the same place for the base skin and then edit in an image editing program).

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are you able to change the size (thickness) of bar charts of player attributes in a similar manner?

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