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Has anyone tried this?


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Has anyone ever tried deleting the entire player/staff database on the editor and then started a new game with the Add Players to Playable Teams option?

I just tried it so if it worked, by deleting the rosters from some top European clubs. Upon going to my squad screen, I've got about 15 - 20 League Two standard players! Could make an interesting challenge if someone somehow deleted all the players on the database. Who knows who would end up dominating the leagues. I might be wrong, but the level of players you get from the 'Add Players' option is decided on your facilities / team profile? If this is true, then it might be a little more 'realistic' in terms of final league positions.

Could make an interesting save. The tedious thing is though, is to delete the entire player/staff database which is rather large. Anyone know how to delete records quickly? Control + A doesn't seem to work.

Perhaps partnered with other settings like the disabling of the first transfer market and hiding specific attributes could make this a real challenge. It would be a completely fictional footballing world.

TL;DR - Any fast way to delete the entire player/staff list in the Editor? If so, will starting a new game with 'Add Players to Playable Team' work?

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Not what I'm looking for then.

Can anyone with a decent amount of editor experience explain the best way to delete a large amount of players / staff? Is there a way to highlight all every single player on the list? Scrolling down would take hours. Something like a Control + A function.


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