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Building from the bottom

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So basically I took control of Leamington from day one just to see how it went more than anything. I've fallen in love with the save and whilst I don't play as much as I'd like (wife and kids grrrr!) I'm still hooked. Anyway, I'm only in my third season thus far but have secured back-to-back promotions, just, and I'm now in League 2.

If anyone has ever played as Leamington you start with virtually nothing so aswell as building a team I've been trying to get the board to build the club up. The ground has had to be expanded as per regulations and I've managed to get youth and training facilities upgraded. My plan is to stabilise for a bit (this season, kick in next with a promotion charge in the third season of league football) and let the club "catch up" with those around us.

Thing is, and it's only early days, I'm doing quite well and stabilising might end up being the lower end of what I can achieve so the question is, for the longer term, am I better off sitting in League 2 for a bit so everything catches up such as club rep, finances etc etc, or am I best to go for League 1 if possible come the end of the season?

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Take what you can get but in my experience you will need to stabilise at some stage.

A lot depends on your chairman/board, if they are demanding your facilities won't keep up with your results and at some stage you will hit the wall (Usually in terms of finances and wage budget). You simply won't be able to afford the players you need at the level you are playing.

Finances are really tough for lower league clubs and without a tycoon backing you the two sources of big finance are reaching the Premier League or producing good youth that you can sell (Need investment in facilities).

In my current save (Different country) I've been lucky enough to take over a club with one of the best youth facilities in the country. Despite struggling financially I've managed to get them promoted and be a stable mid table team over a six year period. The sale of a star AMR for £1.5m to a foreign club put us on a sound financial footing while my first team squad has at least ten home grown players in it currently with more pushing for a place.

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not quite from the bottom, but I started with preston in L1. Shocking finances but not too bad facilities, I have made it to the premier league by sheer luck!!

I signed a promising youngter on a free 1st season.

Amazing player for a team like preston and brought him on.

About half way through a season after I was promoted to the championship, Man City come calling for my player. They mad me a reasonable offer and I thought I'd counter with something silly.

Long story short, he neded up moving for 43mil and this bankrolled my way to the premier league and then some.

Such a stroke of luck!!

player was a good prem player, but no way worth 43mil!!

I'm loving this save now!!


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