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Dispossessed/lost possession/dribble success ratio statistic

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I know there's the dribble made and dribble made per game stat, but I wonder if there's any

way in which I can check how many times in a game/per game a player loses the ball due

to an unsuccessful dribble attempt? If not, is there any chance of ever implementing

a "possession lost" or "dribble success" stat? Knowing that my 8 dribblers per game winger only

succeeds in 10% of his attempts would be very helpful indeed.

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There's no such thing as a "lost ball" statistic, though there def should be one. My CB last match had a pass completion % of 85, which is good. Unfortunately he was dispossed 2 times with the consequence of the opposition striker being 1-on-1 with my goalie and scoring. This made me lose a match where I had 25 shots and they had 4. But believe it or not, my CB finished with 6.8. The rating didnt go down after these really pathetic howlers (he even fell to ground after losing the ball...). So while this is also a case of "errors not being registered" (you know like when he would have misplaced a backpass to the keeper and his rating goes down by 1.0 or even more), it is also a case of lost possession not being shown anywhere. This stat is crucial for defenders but also for midfielders. It is common sense that someone who loses 3 balls in defense a match isn't really ready yet for first team football, even though he might win every header or such.

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