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GK Coaches and Fitness Coaches Query FM13

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Hi everyone,

I have recently started playing fm again after a break away from the game and I haven't bought FM14 has of yet. Whilst playing FM13 I have noticed that my GK and Fitness coaches now have a preference to either category, I can see with my GK coaches one prefers Handling and the other prefers Shot Stopping.

I often edit my backroom staff so they are 5 star rated instead of me taking ages in finding coaches with 5 stars.

What attributes determine which Category they prefer? What makes a GK Coach prefer Handling over Shot Stopping and a Fitness Coach prefer Aerobic over Strength?

If anyone knows, or if someone from SI can answer I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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From what I read somewhere before, it is as follows:

GK - Handling - You need to have to have good GK and Technical stat.

Ball Control Coach - You need to have good Technical and Mental stat.

Shooting Coach - You need to have good Technical and Attacking stat.

Attacking Coach - You need to have good Attacking and Tactical stat.

In addition their discipline, motivating and determination will also affect their star rating. I not sure about the fitness coach though.

Hopes this help.

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