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i love fm14

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This game is a total disgrace, how you get away with It I will never understand:

Online network games- S H I T

Last min goals-S H I T

Assistant manager-S H I T

crashes and bugs-S H I T

tactics-S H I T

steam-S H I T

superman keepers for CPU-S H I T

finances-S H I T


First touch on players-S H I T

need I go on...your game is S H I T and doesn't work...you've updated it more times than I can remember...your team of TESTERS is S H I T.


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Online play is so poor I agree. They need to pay more attention to it. Nothing works, FFP is broke. All the same problems from FM12 and more is anyone even looking at network mode. Crash after crash. The removal of the sliders shows you dont want hardcore players, you want christmas noobs. Patch the game, its too broke to play in network mode. thanks.

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I can totally understand where this individual is coming from I have a few (all) of the frustrations above however posting like a 6 year old high on chocolate and Coca Cola helps no one at all. I think we should club together and send this person (in the loosest sense) off to receive counselling for their rage

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