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Rotating and resting squad

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Hi there

I already had secured the bundesliga win with hertha BSC

So I chose to rest almost the entire 11, 7 players and played some reserves.

Now, I saw an FM tip that was like "too big changes wont be good"

No I didnt care about that cause I did not care about the result

But the important game after that game I cared about of course, and will it then be the same thing

with "too big changes" when switching from the reserves to starting 11.

In real life this wouldnt matter a thing cause the starting 11 played togheter a lot the whole of the season

and skipping 1 game togheter (only 5 days between games) wouldnt matter a thing.

But is the game so stupid that if u rest all of your key players for an unimportant game, the switch

from the reserves to starting 11 will have a negative effect cause of the "big change" ? I hope not.


How do you rotate and manage your squad?

I do this, form : 4-2-3-1

"Playing players:"

2 AC, 5 CAM, 4 DM, 3 CB, 3/4 YB

"non playing players" 1 AC, 2 CAM, 3 DEF

total 17 players that "plays".

The rest 5-6 players are just reserves but will probably be used some due to injury

2 or 3 players will play extremly little in my 24 man squad. Seems to work well for me.

I dont even bother using some reserves to be honest.

Now rotation.

I got my star CB that play most games, but rotates a little for resting with my 2 promising CBs that usually play 2 each in a row with the star

star is of course rested as well and the two promising play togheter.

YB, same

DM got 4 solid DMs but prefer to use my best anchor a lot with pogba the super talent, but they have a lot of injurys for some reason

AC 1 backup with 1 star ST

CAM: 3 spots + injurys a lot of usage but i normally play 2 super cams, özil + custom created star then i swith one pos

and injurys and resting of course plays in

Is all of this a good philosphy..

I won champions league and bundesliga in one season, playing material slighlty below bayern

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I believe this tip is more about gelling and tactical familiarity then 'momentum' as you seem to imply. I don't think there will be a major negative impact, apart from a slight drop in morale if players get rested.

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I've never noticed a drop and I tend to rotate a fair amount where I can.

Players are different though, if you have a temperamental guy who is the 'big dog', you then rest him, well, maybe he'll whinge about it quicker than a consummate pro.

Things like morale and form don't tend to immediately switch from excellent to poor so one game out shouldn't affect players too much, if at all, particularly if you are resting them when their condition is low(ish).

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Shouldn't be a problem. One tip though, when you put out your reserves,make the team talks have low expectations, and post-match 'never mind, good effort' types. You don't want a morale crash that spreads to your first choice players.

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I rotate as much as possible - my entire XI changes each game.

I've only ever seen benefits to that approach.

If you are lucky enough to afford that luxury :-)

Managing a smaller club, I tend to drop players if they aren't playing well, after having a private chat with them about their recent form. Not sure FM works on this kind of level, but I do often see an increase in performance short term when they are back in the team.

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Over time I have managed to build up a large squad where I have two players for every position and about 3 or 4 utility players on top of that who can fill in lots of roles. Now that I am in the Permiership and am competing in (potentially) 4 competitions you need it. I will regularly change the entire 11 from game to game with no noticeable effect on performance. The biggest problem I have is playing enough pre-season friendlies to get everyone match fit before the start of the season. Having players at near 100% fitness for a match is, in my experience, better than playing a better player who is only 90% fit.

Now clearly putting in a team of youngsters won't work, but as long as your second X1 has enough experience, then it works fine for me.

Its a very different proposition in a lower league side though where you clearly can't afford to have massive squads at your disposal. I think your philosophy sounds fine.

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