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This is my first FM since the beloved FM07 which I played for many years. I want to know some things about this training system. I will put the side on Fitness training for about the first three weeks when they come back from holiday, and then choose Team Cohesion leading up to the season start. After that, I usually switch to Balanced. When you have one of them selected, say, 'Attacking', does that just mean it's a focus area, and they continue to also work on the other areas as well, but not as much as the focus? I did notice recently that when I tried the, 'Attacking' focus, we scored 6 goals in the next game, just 5 days after switching to that as the focus. It gave me ideas to maybe switch the focus to say, 'Tactics' with a tough away fixture 4 days down the road, etc. I was just wondering if I am on the right track with my thoughts or am I wildly off course? I did notice an array of goals when I switched to Attacking, though.

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You are playing FMC? Not regular FM, right? I wonder if many people here actually do the training manually lol, one of the points of playing FMC is to let your assistant do it. You are on course for sure!

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