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Bug with zoom in 2D ?

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First of all, sorry for my english

I've got a very strange issue with the game now : I played with a 125% zoom. It was fine untill now and the new update : Now, when i watch a game in 2D, the players play behind the lines : For example, the GK play behind the scoring line, the wingers play behind the throwing line etc... I don't have this problem when I play with a 100% zoom, however it's to small for me and so it's unplayable. Do someone have the same issue ?

If I play in 3D, there is no problem too. It's just a problem with the 2D view....

Thanks for your answer

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Got this from Dom Coleman in FM Testing Team:

Thanks for the post Bilet.

We have this issue logged internally and our coders are looking into this as a high priority issue.

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