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Hi all, I'm after starting a new Bayern Munich save but not with too much success (W3 D3 L3).

I'm looking to play a high-pressure, possession game and I'm not sure if that's what I've set my team up to do.

Could someone offer some help? I'd be really grateful.


Team Instructions are:

Retain Possession

Shorter Passing

Work Ball into Box

Play out of Defence

Look for Overlap

Hassle Opponents

Higher Tempo

Sorry, just saw the cursor blocking Kroos' and Schweinsteiger's roles.

Kroos-AP(A) Schwein-DLP(S)

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You're trying to play a possession game, right? Change one wingback to attack, and one advanced winger (AML/AMR) to support.

You've got a control strategy which is a good fit, retain possession might be slowing things down / contradicting with higher tempo though. (someone else maybe can shed light on that).

I would change your STC to a support duty. Maybe a false 9 or a DLF-S or CF-S.

I don't see anything in your set up besides those things that really stands out though. If you want to pressure the other team you've got to make sure your players are in the right place to do that, and using a DLP-S in central midfield probably isn't helping. Watch your matches in full and see what Schweinsteiger does in his role. Is he winning the ball at all? Closing down?

Even with hassle opponents and a higher mentality like control, you still may find that you're not getting the type of pressure you want. Which I believe comes down to roles/duties.

So if you're not seeing what you want from BS, change him to something like a BWM.

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For start, you are playing with a very rigid fluidity, but you have only 2 specialist roles ( AP-A, DLP-S). Change the fluidity or add more specialists in your team. You play with a HB. I don' t know if this is a bug, but when I play with a HB my two Central Defenders are not close enough and I have a huge gap in my defence. Also, get rid of the team instructions. See what' sgoing on the pitch and try adding them one by one, just to understand the differences. From the moment i put them aside my team plays much better and i add one or two, depending on what i want to achieve.

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I love this forum. BVB fans supporting with FC Bayern tactic. Note, this is not by any means sarcastic.

the key with building a possession based tactic is to have players available for outlet passes.

I used almost the exact same setup you do at some time, and just couldn't get any joy. The culprit? The wing backs. They were too high up the pitch in many instances and at that is was possible for the opponents to take both the inside forward and the wing back out of the game with one player standing in the passing lane. A switch to 2 FB(s), occasionally with the stay wider instruction, helped a lot.

Run at defense also helps a fair bit in retaining possession since players will try to hold onto the ball longer and wait for a passing option to become available. You got some great dribblers in the squad so the added benefit is that these guys will try to beat their man if given the chance.

I'm guessing Mandzukic is injured on the screen shot :)

The DLF(a) probably isn'T the optimal choice. you have two IFs high up the pitch and ideally want your striker to create holes for them. A DLF(s) will do that more often, and in particular Mandzukic, playing with back to goal, is a great fit for the DLF(s) (or DF(s)). The DLF(a) will also create some space, but look to get into a scoring position himself more aggressively.

When Mandzukic is injured, Götze is probably a better choice up front than Ribéry anyway.

The AP(a) position is one that should in my pov be filled by a player with good dribbling and off the ball. Kroos isn't the perfect fit, Thiago and again Götze are. Müller can be great in this role as well, as a more agressive version (gets forward whenever possible PPM!).

And finally, the Half back. I know some have gotten the role to work well on these forums, but I couldn't get it to work in my own 4-1-2-2-1 with Bayern. A DM(d) worked a lot better (both, Martinez and Schweinsteiger did a fabulous job in that role). I also believed playing with 2 wing backs needs the additional cover from the half back, but the half back along with the two playmakers in front of him who have a tendency to drift away from their positions meant that the space in front of the defenders was uncovered a fair bit. Another reason why I went more conservative with my full backs was indeed to be abl to keep the DM sitting in front of the defense rather than being caught out in transition along with the full backs.

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:lol: You made me laugh.

I was laughing and forgot to post.

I believe it was Cleon who also mentioned that the positioning of the central defenders is unusual because of the existence of a HB between them, and that makes me to believe that it needs to be fixed in a next update. Sorry for the off-topic.

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