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FM14: RB Leipzig - Red Bull have given you wings

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Welcome to theRasenBallsport Leipzig Thread


For Football Manager 2014

Club Background

RasenBallsport Leipzig, commonly known as RB Leipzig, is a German association football club based in Leipzig, Saxony. The club is supported by energy drink-maker Red Bull who purchased the license of fifth division side SSV Markranstädt with the intention of advancing the re-modeled club to the top-flight Bundesliga within ten years.

Founded in May 2009, RasenBallsport Leipzig is the fourth football club that Red Bull have invested in, following FC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, the New York Red Bulls in the USA and Red Bull Brasil in Brazil. The sponsor's name is not permitted in the team name according to the regulations of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund)nor may it be fully owned by the sponsor. The German Football Association requires a club to hold 51% of its shares, Red Bull will therefore only be able to acquire 49% of the club. To retain Red Bull's initials but comply with these regulations the club was renamed as RasenBallsport Leipzig ("Leipzig lawn ball sports").

It has been predicted that Red Bull will invest 100 million Euros in the club over ten years. Instrumental in the deal was Michael Kölmel, owner of the Zentralstadion (central stadium) in Leipzig. Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, openly speaks of the possibility of the club winning a German championship. The last team from Leipzig to win the German championship was VfB Leipzig in 1913.




Capacity - 44,345


The Red Bull Arena, formerly Zentralstadion located in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, is the premier football facility in the former East Germany. It is the largest football stadium in the former East Germany. Various Leipzig football teams have used the stadium as a home stadium, including VfB Leipzig at various points in the 20th century (including large-scale European matches in the 1970s and domestic football in the 1990s). FC Sachsen Leipzig used the stadium as a home ground from time to time between 2004 and 2007, however they moved back to their traditional home, the Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark at the start of the 2008–09 season.

In July 2009, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull took over the license of SSV Markranstädt and renamed the team RasenBallsport Leipzig, in short RB Leipzig. From the outset, the new team outlined their wish to move into the tenant-less Zentralstadion and rename it the "Red Bull Arena". The naming rights were granted on 25 March 2010 and the stadium will be named so for a minimum period of 10 years as of 1 July 2010. The cost for renting the stadium will rise in accordance with the level of football RasenBallsport Leipzig are at. The team has pledged to upgrade the seating, install video advertising boards and make changes to the boxes and the VIP area.


The stadium is top notch for the 3rd division of German football and will be more than enough as the club (Hopefully) grows and rises through the leagues. All other facilities are good with improvement needed in Junior coaching and Youth recruitment, which should be a focus as and when you can upgrade these.

Playing Squad - Stars are the opinion of the Assistant Manager



Fabio Coltorti is the starter here, excellent physical stats are this strong point but all round he is more that ok for this league. Domaschke is your backup but not worth keeping long term. Nikolas Tix has the potential to be a good keeper do make sure you get Coltorti to tutor him



There are 3 players here fighting for 2 spots Juri Judt, Christian Miller and Anthony Jung, the latter can also play centre back. Miller and Judt are the better attacking options but it depends on the style you want to play.

Central Defenders


Niklas Hoheneder is probably the best of the centre backs available, I would recommend building the defence around him unless you can get a star centre back in. The other options are fine but this is a position I'd be looking to improve.

Defensive Midfielders


Dominik Kaiser is the stand out player here if you are looking to play a defensive midfielder good already with potential to improve. Kimmich has potential while Ernst while not the best should offer decent backup



Bastian Schulz and Thiago Rockenback are the star midfielders in the team. Rockenback is suited to play just behind the strikers if you can find a system to suit. There isn't much quality here and this is the key position to improve year one. There are a couple worth keeping to try and develop like Frandrich and Rabiega but most of the others are replaceable.



Captain and the clubs best player Daniel Frahn will be key to promotion IMO. Stats are excellent for this level and should be in for another good season after taking a step up with the club from last year. Yussuf Poulsen is the most exciting youngster on the team and I will be looking forward to seeing him develop, also Denis Thomalla could be a star. There is not too much else behind these 3 but a couple of other decent options.

Season Expectations


No real expectations in the first season, safe mid table and the board will be happy, allowing time to build a good squad. There is room in the wage budget to bring in a few loans (Restricted to 4 a season) and/or free transfers. If you are feeling brave there's an extra 15k available.

Something to note is the affiliate clubs RB Leipzig has. FC Red Bull Salzburg of Austria and New York Red Bulls of the USA could be very handy, you should be able to pick up a couple of Salzburg players. These links could be very handy as the club rises the leagues. I'd recommend loading both the Austrian and MLS leagues to take full advantage.

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Great post Mr Whitey. I've been umming and arring about doing one, but you beat me to it.

My first save was with these guys focusing on German youth but I've put it on hold for a little while.

For those about to start you should really look towards a tactic that utilises DMs as Kaiser and Schulz need to be playing. Shulz ofcourse can be used on the RM, but I never use those roles, prefer a AMR.

If you go for an affiliate (parent club) early on you should get the option of Dortmund or Bayern, in addition to Gladbach and Schalke. I chose Dortmund being a fan but it's always difficult getting loans in the first window. I managed to get Kocher in as Coltorti was sold (out of nowhere bid).

You should be able to get players from the other Red Bull clubs but once I agreed a loan with no payments the player didn't want to come. However, in my current save (not RB Leipzig) the AI managed to get two good players from their ranks, ones I approached. So it can be done.

Before continuing look around at the free transfers. There are quite a few talented players that can come in and do a job. For a 3. Liga side you get quite a bit of room for wages at the start of the season.

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Decided to take up this challenge.

Pre-season went well. Managed to bring in 8 players, 7 FT and 1 on loan. Would recommend Marko Babic. Great at set pieces and does a wonderful job on the left. Other good free signings are Andreas Dober, Marco Reich, Moise Bambara and Alexander Ludwig.

The loan-nee I have is Marco Pischorn, a no-nonsense CB.

So far played 6 games. Won 4 and drawn 2. Not fair when Dortmund II had Schieber starting for them :(

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got about a 1m and 140k wages, picked up Simon Tibbing and Ivo Pekalski for 130k each who bossed it 1st season.

Yussuf poulsen is a real talent, picked up player of the year with 19 goals and Frahn getting 20

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2nd season was very tough. Mainly because I decided to take the youth approach and develop young players for future. My rule is I'm not paying transfer fees for anyone over age of 16. Will only sign older players as free transfer or loans. I have Bayern as my parent club so might look to get a few loanees from them

I ended up with same squad as last season apart from 3 new faces and finished 11th in the end. Was happy with that as the aim was just to avoid relegation.

Just about to start 3rd season. Got a hefty budget of almost £6 million :D to spend. Again sticking with the same youth philosophy. There should be more quality free transfers available though now. And I can bring in better quality youth.

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RB Leipzig - End of 2013/14 Season Review

3. Liga Table


Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2

Obviously very delighted I was able to clinch top spot and auto-promotion. We had the best firepower in the league and this was in large a reason why we were able to finish top of the table. Special credit has to go to Frahn (23 goals 10 assists) and this newgen who was spawned into the team when I started the game; Sebastian Eiselt (20 goals 8 assists), who is just really good. He has the likes of Bayern, Barcelona and Madrid interested in him! I've been trying to tie him down to a new contract but keep falling at the final hurdle with his agent.

Domestic Cup Competitions

German Cup

Really happy that we managed to get to the third round. And if truth be told I am a little disappointed we were knocked out in the fashion we did. We went 2-0 up against Frankfurt and looked comfortable, but either we switched off or they turned up the heat and we just couldn't keep them out.

German Cup Tree


I'd usually like to do a quick review of each position, but I will save that for the end of next season, for now I will show you the personnel I brought in throughout the season.


Players for the First Team

Ramon Arcas - Free

Benjamin Kern - Free

Vincenzo Grifo - Loan

Sidi Keita - Free

Stefan Wannenwetsch - Loan

Rui Sampaio - £350k

Christopher Schorch - Free

Players for Backup and Rotation

Maurice Trapp - Loan

Matthias Fetsch - Loan

Tomas Repka - Free

Hot Prospects and Investments


Total Transfer Spend: £350k

Total Transfer Income: £8.78k

Total Transfer Net Spend: £341.22k

Tactical Approach


I originally started the season with a 3-5-2 formation with a flat midfield (mostly because I just did not enjoy the fullbacks in earlier patches), but decided that's not how I wanted to play. So I put together this tactic and it was largely really successful. My initial plan was to have the FBs moved into the Wing Back spot as a WBs, and if I can bring that type of player in I will probably convert to that, purely to have a body a bit higher up the pitch to help with the 2 man central midfield which could get overrun. I'm thinking of changing the roles for the central midfield as well due to the BWMd's tendency to chase the ball rather than hold, hassle and recycle. Anyway, we will see how this develops over pre-season.

I think that's all for my first season, I'll update again at the end of pre-season.

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Much better 3rd season. Poulsen is amazing. Had to sell the great Frahn when I got a good offer because I play one upfront and Poulsen wasn't getting much games. Top scorer and also quite a few assists. Not expecting to stay close to top for much longer but you never know


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Pre-Season Update


A steady if unspectacular pre-season saw us pick up 3 wins 2 draws and 1 defeat. My main aim was just to really get to know the players, understand which positions I needed to improve and work out the tactics I needed to train more. One person I was impressed with in pre-season was Denis Thomalla, he won't start for me as he is behind a couple, but he is definatly someone I will be keeping an eye on. Frahn looks key as I expected. Pre-season has left me with the confidence that we can have a good season, I don't think scoring will be a problem, but keeping the goals out good be.

Transfer Update


First thing I did was take a look at Affiliates Salzburg and managed to sign Teigl who can play as a winger both sides and offers a load of pace. Bozkurt and Kllinger and ones for the future, both regens. I signed Vollmann from 1860 Munchen to offer another option on the wing. I wanted another option in central midfield so signed Maritschnegg on a free. Italian Foti I signed as cover for Frahn as I'll need another target man type to take over. Thoelke was maybe my most important signing because defence looks a bit of an issue. Hoping he will turn out to be the rock in central defence.

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A good free transfer in 2nd season is Sebastian Kelh (forgive spelling i'm at work) captain at Dortmund. He gets let go about mid season and his wage demands will drop. Model professional aswell

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Very good thread mr_whitey. I've never managed in Germany before but this may be the one to tempt me in*.

I assume there is no transfer budget in season 1? What is the wage budget and spare capacity, and can it be tweaked by budget adjustment to put a tiny bit in to a transfer fund? Is there a limit on non-EU/German players at that level? Apologies if this info was included, I didn't see it.

* I've also been considering RB Salzburg, with the aim of trying to make them much more Austrian - maybe I will give both a go!

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Only a couple of restrictions in 3rd division.

1) Cannot sign Non-EU players

2) Match squad has to have 4 Germany U21 players

I am struggling to get the board to agree to increase scouting range in my 2rd season :confused:

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Only a couple of restrictions in 3rd division.

1) Cannot sign Non-EU players

2) Match squad has to have 4 Germany U21 players

I am struggling to get the board to agree to increase scouting range in my 2rd season :confused:

Thanks omar, not too bad. Congratulations on a really amazing season!

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Season 2014/15 - Pre-Season Update

Media prediction: 14th

Season prediction: Mid-table Finish

Transfer budget: £2.2m

Wage budget: £163k


Players for the First Team

Espen Rudd

Kevin Pannewitz

Fabien Boyer




Salaheddine Sbai

Wholesale changes made to the first team and I feel we've brought in a fair few quality players, most notably Rudd, Pannewitz and Mika. I'm also happy with the prices we were able to get these players for. The £1.6m for Pannewitz included a host of clauses which bumped that price up, most which we probably won't ever need to pay. Disappointed not to have brought in a better leftback, though.

Players for Backup and Rotation

Alfredo Marcos

Kevin Muller


Sasa Ilic

Sebastian Nachriener

Much like with the first team players we needed players who were going to offer adequate backup or could even fight for a first team spot and I think we've got that with this bunch now. Ilic was brought in purely because he had some nice PPM's for an attacking midfielder.

Hot Prospects and Investments

Philtzgerald Mbaka

Just the one player near the end of the transfer window. My scout reckons he could turn into a good Bundesliga player so hopefully he can progress some-what and can either figure in our plans or make a tidy sum on.

Outgoing Thoughts

12 players leaving us is a lot. And it will take a while for the impact of our new signings to show through. None of the players who left would have been good enough to take this club forward.

Total Transfer Spend: £1.83m

Total Transfer Income: £114k

Total Transfer Net Spend: £1.72m


Season 2014/15 - End of August Update

League Table & Stats | 2. Bundesliga Results | German Cup | Squad | Finances


So as you can see 6 games played; 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. We have scored 12 goals so that's not so much a problem, but we have conceded 13 which is an issue. Again I'm hoping this will improve once the team gels some more (and I stop changing my tactic!)

German Cup

So disappointing to have been knocked out at the first hurdle. We were second best and didn't deserve anything from the game.

Squad Performance

Good: Early stages for this new-faced team but some impressive performances from Pannewitz, Eiselt (despite no goals yet), Frahn and Mika

Bad: Sbai, Schorch and Rudd haven't put in the performances I was banking on and has been a reason for our fragile defence.


Still a good balance, and hopefully we keep losses per month to a minimum.

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Season 2014/15 - Gameweek 10 Update

League Table & Stats | 2. Bundesliga Results | Squad Stats | Finances


4 games since the last update and we have been in much better form picking up 7 points from a possible 12. The defeat to Ingolstadt was annoying, we conceded a really stupid goal in the 85th minute which killed us off. Hopefully we can pick ourselves up from that quickly. I've noticed that almost all of the teams feel very similar in terms of strength and it's making for a competitive league!

Squad Performance

Good: We're still scoring largely down to Frahn. Good stuff from Pannewitz and Mika over the past few games as well.

Bad: We're still conceding. Some poor positioning seems to be what's costing us. You may have noticed I brought Andre Bikey into the squad, someone I originally planned to bring in at the beginning of the transfer window but he wanted upward of £9k p/w, but has since dropped his demands to under £4k.


A pretty big loss for us this month.

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Really struggled in m first season in Bundesliga. Just managed to survive. My team is very young and inexperienced but the season should have done them some benefit. Hoping to bring in more quality youngsters and push for midtable next season.

Final Table


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Hi everyone,

im currenty in march in the first season. Top of the league, 17 points clear after 27 games.

I didnt buy anyone in the first window appart from babic and in Jan i got Holmar Eyjolfsson for 10k. Ive got Heirlander from RB Salzburg coming for a free next season but couldnt afford the buy now price of 50k (ha ha *sad face*)

Playing 3 at the back, 1 DM, flat 4 and then Frahn and Poulssen upfront. im regularly getting 60% possession with around 15-20 shots, seems to be working ok ish so far against this level of competition but i imagine ill get doomed in a few seasons

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I have played 4 seasons with Leipzig, back to back promotions, first season we finished 4th in the Bundesliga next season we finished 2nd, we were first going into the last match but we lost and Bayern won to retain their crown.

1 thing to think about is the board while they do not give fantastic money at the start of each season they are very willing to back you during the season.

Every season I approached them asking for more wages and more cash for transfers, every time they agreed and pumped more money into the club.

They are also very open to allowing more coaches and scouts, also when I was in League 2 and 3 I asked for a parent club and got Bayern.

A very fun save!

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2013/14 End of Season Update


Promotion was secured with 2 games to go of the season after being top from gameweek 6, a brilliant season which went much better than I had expected. Unfortunately after applying the new 14.2.0 patch my form dipped which made the end of season a bit painful, winning only 3 of 12 games, made the end a bit tighter than it would have otherwise been.

Daniel Frahn ended the season as my top scored dispute struggling with injuries and playing only 22(5) games, he ended the season injured and with 16 goals to his name. Other key players were Georg Teigl, Thiago Rockenbach and Yussuf Poulsen who finished the season with 12 goals. Most surprising player was Tobias Willers who spent most of the season playing Right Back and out performed every other defender on the team.

I setup a link with Bayern Munich half way through the season which I hope will help next season to get at least 1 key loan signing. I need a fair amount of players next year, especially in defence where I'm pretty weak. Looking forward to the new season, I had quite a good youth intake, a handful of 4 1/2 star potential's who I'll be looking to develop.

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I remember fondly a save I had with RBL back on FM12, where I picked up Matias Alustiza for next to nothing first season, and he led my line for a good five seasons, scoring 140-odd goals. It's a good team to try a nationalistic approach(ie signing only Germans), especially due to the no-foreigner rule to start with, plus the quality of players German clubs create.

One of the saves on the 'to-do' list this FM I think

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I'm at my 2nd Season, and struggling to be in the middle (12 games and I'm at 11 place). Having some keepers problems, not good enough. It's the Georgia Keeper, Maka(..). Should I bet on Tix? It will be a top class keeper?

Tix hasn't progressed much on mine but I haven't played him at all or tried too hard to improve him as he doesn't look good enough to me. I've just started my 2nd season as still have Fabio Coltorti as my number one having signed Marko Meerits as his backup

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Well I've somehow managed two successive promotions with these guys and now I face the exciting challenge of surviving in the Bundesliga! It's going to be tough though. Aside from three of four players (our strike partnership of Frahn and Poulsen included), my squad really isn't up to the standard of the league and I think I may have possibly been promoted too early (if that makes any sense?). To be fair, I do have a £10,000,000 transfer budget to play with thankfully.

Regardless, I'm really enjoying playing with these guys and IMO, the limited number of player restrictions make the German leagues the most fun to play.

I also got offered an interview for the Everton job when I was in the German 2nd Division... couldn't bring myself to leave "Die Bullen" just yet however! ;)

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How are you guys getting the best out of Poulsen, I have played him on the wing and striker. Played 14 scored 3, assists 3 and 6.75 average rating.

He was getting similar ratings for me playing as a false nine. Usually got around 10 or 12 goals a season.

For the final few games of last season however, I changed his role to target man and he seemed to play a lot better and get more involved in the games. His finishing stat on my save is only around 10 but he is only 20 years old so this should improve hopefully.

Gotta say though that my Frahn is the main man for my team. That guy is a beast!

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What's the board like as you progress with RB? Do they bankroll as and when required??

I'm just about to start my second season in the Bundesliga and I've been given a budget of £11,000,000. They definitely don't shower you with cash but there's enough there to keep things ticking over.

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