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Sutton Youth Challenge (FM14)

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Fresh football manager game, fresh save. Sutton United is my local team (do I support them? not necessarily) so I feel it's only right to have a stab at a youth challenge as I always do but with a team close to home. There's no extensive list of rules to my game, just that I need to develop the club through my youth academy and not sign any player. Backroom staff will be focused on a lot, and I hope to build that up as I build up my continuous intake of youngsters. I'll be starting the progress reports of my players and games after a month or two just so I can properly get into the game and know my focuses which I can then document on here.

As it stands my star player is the beast that is, Craig Dundas. Smashing in 21 goals in 20 games this season I can see him smashing the current record by the end of it. However, none of this would have been possible without the master craftsman, Dale Binns. Notching up the vast majority of the assists and after watching him specifically in games, it seems he can take on almost anyone in the league and get past them.

Initial Youth Products

My first collection of youths is quite impressive, and I have a couple of great little gems to focus on throughout the coming seasons.

Yaw Yeboah / Target Man, very agile striker

Gareth McVarish / Center of midfield, primary playmaker

Adrian Holder / Center back, cover for left back

Kris Hamilton / Center back, limited on stats

Expect updates from here. I hope you enjoy my career!

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As aforementioned I decided to start my progress thread from about 3 months in, just so as I can get to grips with my squad and what's going on and set myself up for a long, healthy save. As you can see from the results above everything has gone to plan and I have a great strategy and tactic set out in which I can develop the youngsters in my team to fill the gaps as they appear. Outlining my tactic below should give you a small insight into how my team is structured.


I have the following team instructions put in place to style my play.

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