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FM14: Giovanni Moreno - The Colombian Playmaker

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Giovanni Moreno


Just a quick thread on a bargain player I found on FM14 when offered to me by his agent at the start of the game, I signed Moreno for a grand total of £850K in my first season at Villa, and he was easily my best player for the two seasons that I kept hold of him.


I played him as an advanced playmaker behind the striker, but he could he played on either wings effectively too. Managed to sell him on for £13.75M at the age of 29, but maybe I could've held onto him for another season and got a little more.


So if you're a PL club outside the top 4, with little cash, Moreno should be a definite purchase!

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Signed him for Norwich to play on AML as a Wide Target Man. Don't think he's suited to that even though he's got the right build etc.

He's very cheap so you can't go wrong with him. His agent came to me, decided to take the plunge. Not played much with him yet though.

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Seen him a few times in real life and a few vids on the man, and have to say, he matches his in game self perfectly.

That frustrating blend of the sublime and the silly. I've seen him take on 4 players easily and then miss a 5 yard pass.

But for his price, you can't argue... a no brainer.

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