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Using Opposition Instructions

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Hi all

I've recently been experimenting with using opposition instructions, and have to say they have improved my teams performance no end, but i'm still a little unsure about when or how to use the tight marking instruction.

I'm currently playing as RB Leipzig in the German 3rd division, so players don't have the greatest stats, but this is how I set my instructions at he moment :-

Bravery less than 10 then tackling set to hard

Composure less than 10 then closing down set to always

Preferred foot is left only or right only then set to show onto weaker foot

I have customized the opposition instructions screen to show this information so I can quickly set these instructions, but can anyone give me an idea of what stats I should be looking at when considering whether to set any tight marking instructions. I'm guessing I should be looking to set to always against slower players and never against quicker players, but would appreciate any insight anyone else could provide.

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You can also make the wingers use the opposite foot to how you want them to cross the ball to their strikers ie make them cross balls inside to taller players and outside high crosses to smaller forwards.

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