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Defending corners - Is there a way?

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Pretty simple question, tried a number of different things but regularly concede from set pieces, corners in particular. Absolutely lost for ideas with what to do now.

I don't really care how i defend them i just want to be able to!

Current set up is as follows.

RB - Mark tall player

CB's - Mark tall player

LB - Man Mark

CDM - Mark Near

CM - Mark Far

CM - Edge of Area

CM - Mark six yard box

ST (tall) - Mark tall player

ST (small) - Stay forward

I put the match prep on Defend set pieces virtually every match but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Any further questions feel free to ask. Thanks!

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There is a bug about corners being scored. It's supposedly being worked on, along with the multitude of other issues. So we'll just have to be patient. For now, the best defense against corners is simply to stop conceding so many of them.

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I set my fullbacks/wingbacks to mark the posts, first of all. Make sure the man on the near post is the one with superior agility, balance, and positioning - this will ensure he can mark the space well, especially when it's drilled in low (and those are the super dangerous ones due to the bug).

Then I set all of my tall players to mark tall players, set one or two shorter players to mark short players, a DLP or equivalent to lurk outside the box, and a pacey short player to stay forward (not necessarily a striker). If they're in the penalty area, they should be specifically marking someone, probably according to height.

I can't remember the last time I conceded on a corner. Maybe three or four months ago in my current save. Got a few goals from defending them, though. :brock:

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