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In my current save with Liverpool I am really struggling to create more than 1 or 2 CCC's per game.

I am playing a 4-3-2-1

GK (Defend)

DR - CWB (attack)

DC - Central defender (defend)

DC - Central defender (defend)

DL - Wing back (support)

MCR - Deep lying playmaker (support)

MC - Central midfielder - defend

MCL - Central midfielder (attack) - instructions get further forward

AMR - Inside forward (attack) - sit narrower,

AML - Advanced playmaker (support) - sit narrower, roam from position (to try and get him more space and ideally be getting most of my asissts laying balls on for my striker and advancing midfielders but not managed to do this so far

SC - Treq ( attack) - to try and get the best out of Suarez

Setting up with Control & Rigid

Team instructions - shorter passing, work ball into box, play out of defence, hassle opponents

I've toyed around with all sorts of formations and roles for my striker and midfielders to try and create a greater supply but to not much avail so far

Any help would be appreciated

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Ignore "CCCs", they're not accurate.

Much more important generally is "How many shots on target occur on average per goal?"

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That's a little high for a side of Liverpool's quality, I think. A good aim might be closer to 5-6, so actually not far off, but could be better (my Europe-conquering team manages 4.5 shots on target per goal, but have creative players throughout midfield and attack). But if you're getting 15 shots on goal per game (which isn't a bad figure by any stretch of the imagination, if things are working well), 2 goals a game is all you're going to get. The best way to improve that is probably to reduce the number of shots, to pare it down to just the ones with good opportunities, which will in turn enhance the confidence of players (who will score more frequently per number of shots).

So (I think) you need to think about either

1. How to get the players shooting to be in a better position to shoot when they shoot (IE, encourage shots from better areas only, by reducing shooting tendencies)

or, more likely,

2. How to ensure the players shooting have better support (IE more passing options) so that they do not feel the need to shoot so frequently, and reserve their shots for better opportunities.

A good way to go about the second one (which would be my preference, being a ball retention fanatic) would be to look at your formation and the duties of players and their instructions and consider how best to ensure that no matter which of your players shooting has the ball, they always have an outball either laterally or backwards. For an IF, this might mean shifting a fullback or wingback to a more supporting role, if your fullbacks/wingbacks have good passing, or to a more attacking role if they're more dangerous with pace and crossing. Perhaps also shifting Suarez to a DLF if he's not coming deep to support the IFs when they cut inside might help here, providing a lateral pass to Suarez who can then either attack his man or play a return through ball to the IF making a penetrating run.

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