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Where should the "next/ continue/ play match" button be placed?

which layout do you prefer?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. which layout do you prefer?

    • The new, current layout in top right corner
    • Older, previous layout in bottom right

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There has been a lot of discussion about the continue game button being in the top right corner.

Personally, I prefer the old method as its more natural playing on my nexus 7. Ive stolen Vegas's picture from the other thread to give an idea. Sorry and thankyou.

Do you prefer the previous layout or current layout?

Hopefully Marc and the guys would appreciate the feedback.


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I quite like the new positioning - true, you may have to adapt a bit in order to get used to it but having played the game last night it feels more intuitive where it is.

To be honest i think the reaction is a bit OTT. Change will always causes a bit of a fuss but people need to give it a few weeks before they make up their minds.

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The poll needs a 'Don't really care. I'll get used to it' option.

As someone who got about 5 hours sleep as I stayed up playing it into the early hours I can relate to this option :D

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While we do appreciate any feedback on the GUI changes, we really feel it's worth giving the new layout time to grow on you first :) Change can always take time to appreciate fully...

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