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Evening all

I have downloaded the Algerian League from a variety of different sources and even tried to add it myself, however it always crashes the moment I hit continue.

Does anyone have any idea why or have a working file?

If so, where did you find it?

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hi mate ;

i have a working file .

4 levels

-ligue 1=16 team ; ligue 2=16 team ; DNA (3 groups=16 teams each); LIRF (3 groups16 teams each; in real life there is four groups but in fm there is not enough teams though i added couple teams).

-Algerian cup (16*8)

-Algerian super cup

-Algerian league cup (ligue 1 + ligue 2 teams only =16*2 teams)

-under 20 league

-reserves league

try it http://www.mediafire.com/download/sb6jgz5slanbm5z/DZLeague.dbc

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