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4-3-2-1 "tannerbaum"

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I got offered Spain national team job an accepted it. So ,with the wealth of midfield talent I was wondering how to implement a 4-3-2-1 „tannerbaum“ tactic. I would like my team to push high and keep possesion while waiting for the openings in the opposition defence.

I've played only one game, against Iceland, and while possesion was 75%, we struggeled to create any chances. We won 2-0, one of the goals came from a penalty. By looking at the average positions map, I noticed it was really bad how my players stand on the pitch.

The set up was like this:


Retain possesion,short passing,push higher up,exploit the middle,use tighter marking,stand off,play offside,high tempo,work ball into box

GK – goalkeeper/D (De Gea)

DR – full back/S – stay wider (Azpillicueta)

DL – full back/S – stay wider (Alba)

DCL – compl.defender/C (Pique)

DCR – compl.defender/X (Javi Martinez)

MCR – deep lying plm/D (Busquets)

MCL – deep lying plm/S (Herrera)

MC – ball winning mid/D (Camacho)

AMCL – adv.plm/S – roam from positions,move into channels (Isco)

AMCR – shadow str/A (Mata)

FC – false9/S (Muniain)

Obviously this set up by looking average positions heat map is looking not good in my MC strata which is too far away from my AP.

I would like MC and AMC to be more compact, I will abandon F9 and play a true striker. Also I would like some width added in attack by my full backs but obviously I have to make sure that defensively one of the MC's helps my two CB's if we are caught on the counter with full backs higher up the pitch.

So, if anyone has some advice as to how would be best to set up this system, feel free to add your thoughts! 

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