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[FM2014] How do I change the 30 letter club name container limit?

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Really hate that I can't have complete club names on the club screens, because it is limited to 30 characters.

In what panel do I change that?


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I did dabble with this on FM2011. You need to change the 'short name' of the club. This is by default limited to 25 characters.

You must have downloaded the editor. The file you need to amend is called club.xml and is found here...

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2014 Editor\data\format\database

Find and open 'club.xml' with notepad.

Look for this bit of code in club.xml (near the top)

<!-- short name -->


<flags id="field" value="Csnm" />

<translation id="name" translation_id="292684" type="use" value="Short Name" />

<flags id="type" value="string" />

<boolean id="is_client_field" value="true" />

<boolean id="is_language_field" value="true" />

<integer id="max_length" value="25" />


And change the "max length" from 25 to however many characters you want.

Save the file club.xml

Run the editor and then you can edit the short name of clubs to more than 25 characters.

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Anyone have any idea about changing the "long name of clubs" and increasing the limit past £10m for future transfers on the editor?

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