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Dodgey Monday Prem netgame with set rules (im not z german)

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I am interested in creating a network game for 4 players, Any prem team is available but recommend using a top 6 side. Reasons to follow!

To start with game will be played 7pm-12pm Monday if 5 hours too long then I am flexible. More nights may be added although depends on other peoples commitments an will chat about.

Rules would be:

Only 3 players signed preseason & 1 in Jan, 1 loan for season. 1 emergency loan is available but must have good reason (i.e. no first team players available at all in certain position for longer than 2 weeks (gk 1 game)).

You can sell as much as you want but obviously it will weaken squad.

Anyone signing more players will either be kicked or have to take a forfeit if done by accident (have best player sold for valuation, best player decided on highest price)... in case of transfer window closing before z player is sold then he will have to sit in ressies.

no limit on backroom staff (player/coach counts as a player).

Timers at 3mins for first hour, then 1 min after that

This might sound a bit germanised with the rules although the main idea is to have a game that flows quickly and people not bidding for 5000 players.

I know many people will not like the idea an that's fair enough, just don't waste my time. Anyone interested either send email to email removed or add steam account ccfcpaul

will have England, then various other nations as view-only with a large db.

internet 13mb broadband.. wireless but will wire up if needed

vorsprung dirk technique!!

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cool.... luke is man c so yeah arsenal are available.... im gonna pick team with whatever is left over. add me on steam dan.... wont get home from work until 6.30 tho

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haha John McNeil, didn't you join the PGC clan and quit when you got hammered each week?

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Please read the rules of this forum and post in the clan advertiser thread if you are starting a clan game.

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