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Editor 2014 skin problem

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I've already written this in another topic, but having spoken with an admin, I've been told to post it here too.

When I try to launch the editor, I can see that from Task Manager it starts to load but after 10-15 seconds, suddenly my computer screen freezes. I can't even use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut down the program, it is like I have no control over the computer somehow. I can only manualy reset the computer but when I try to load the application again, same thing happens.

I verified integrity of tool chache but nothing happens. However, when I tried to delete editor cache from the right folder, after making hidden folders appear, I could only find files from FM 2013 and FM 2013 Editor. Nothning from FM 2014, so I deleted these. I deleted and re-downloaded the editor and tried the same but still nothing. Strange thing, when I try to install editor, it says that disk space required is 238 MB, but the file downloaded is only 86,7 MB.

Game runs (at least a beta save i had and now i installed the full version), so this is even more strange, I don't know what is wrong...

I've been told the following, but I don't know how to do it, I've never used this program. Can you help me please?

"This preference was removed as an option to untick; it was never intended to be removed completely. That is, it would always be on by default with no option in the Preferences to switch it off. However, unfortunately, there was an issue that caused this setting to be unflagged at the last minute. This will be addressed in a future update.

In the meanwhile, using the resource archiver it is possible for skinners to turn this option back on. The relevant setting that needs to be changed is packaged inside the "settings.fmf" archive. Once unpackaged, open /default/application_settings.xml and look for the following line:

<boolean id="enable_background_changes" value="false" />

Change 'false' to 'true'.

Once change, the "settings.fmf" file will need to be repacked and updated."

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My original thread is in "Pre-Game and In-Game Editor", titled "When trying to launch editor, after a few seconds, computer completely freezes. Windows Vista".

However, I've already posted here, in this topic what I've written to the other one in regular letters, and the bold is the response I got. Is it correct? Can you tell me how to do it, step by step?

Thanks in advance

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