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Contract renewals - staff responsibilities

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I just get the game yesterday so haven't had much time playing it, and I know in the past Contract renewals done by staff isn't favorable since they tend to give out very unpredictable results (and I think I read somewhere that it also depends on the stats of the staff in charge, but it'd still be better if we handle it ourselves)

Wondering if that changed in this season's game, or if it will ever change in the future. Something akin to 95% efficiency when resigning players done by staff (depend on the staff's skill of course) would be great (that means players that want to do it manually can do a 5% further savings, which is a lot for big clubs).

I am getting sick and tired of trying to resign individual players, going through rounds of contract negotiations just for the player to be upset because it feels the negotiation goes nowhere. I simply don't have the time to deal with that kind of crap anymore, and I can't be the only one

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