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I having trouble at getting this formation to work. I would like to play counter attacking football so I set my team up in to a 4-2-3-1 formation with counter mentallity and rigid style.

Also instructions are: drop deeper,retain possesion,clear ball to flanks,higher tempo,run at defence,pass into space. I want to draw teams further from their goal and the counter them fast via wings.

Roles are: GK/D, FBr/S, FBL/s, CD/D, CD/D, CM/D, CM/S, AMR/Wing/S, AML/IF/A, AMC/AP/A, DLF/A

All player instructions are default for the specific roles.

I hardly dominate, despite retain possesion instruction I always have less of the ball than opponent and when we win the ball in and around centre my team hardly ever goes direct to the open spaces in opponents wide area. They play it slowly in the center before going forward and by then it's to late to exploit space. What I am looking for is help how to set up my offense because I have fast,highley technical,hard working,class players in midfield and attacking positions but we don't create enough danger.

Also suggestions as how to set the team up are also welcome.

Team is:

De Gea





Lucas Romero






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Limited advice from my limited understanding;

Counter is already a deep formation, it brings people behind the ball anyway, dropping deeper is inviting additional pressure on the team. Also Retain possession makes it a priority to retain the ball, they're less likely to make the pass into space that isn't going to work because they're thinking of keeping the ball, which, they're pinging around at a high tempo. Least thats how I see it.

I think to direct the counter attack you'd want: Exploit Wings, (clear ball to flanks I suppose...)

If you're wanting to retain possession; Play out of defence, shorter passing, lower tempo, work ball into box

You need to realise though that counter mentality won't counter-attack every time, if it's not on they'll pass the ball around and retain possession. If you want wing-play, fast attacks all the time, you'll want attacking mentality direct, exploit flanks etc. There's a topic on it on here somewhere.

Roles are: GK/D, FBr/S, FBL/s, CD/D, CD/D, CM/D, CM/S, AMR/Wing/S, AML/IF/A, AMC/AP/A, DLF/A

Change one FB to attack.

Consider changing the AMC to a support role, or the DLF as support. In fact if you're going for wing-play, you might want to switch the AMC to a different role altogether, having him as the playmaker directs some of the play through him.

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I made a few adjustments, team instructions are now: pass into space,clear ball to flanks,much higher tempo,run at defence. This works great, just the way I wanted. 7 games played, 5 wins and 2 draws. I only have around 40-45% of possesion but whenever we're on the ball it's dangerous for opponents. Thanks for advice!

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