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Edited data fm 13 can be used and work on fm 14?

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Hello friends . I drew up a utility from the 12 fm , in which I sought to improve the movement of the transfer market the game , and ended up making enough changes in the data editor in order to make the game as close to real in my design . Efetuei changes : Reputations championships and clubs , economic factors and state of development of countries , a trend of hiring domestic and continental career plans of some players and some clubs budget of asia .

I got to create a save on FM 14 with this utility folder editor date and managed to create the game , I put on vacation and did not happen any crash , verfiquei some data as per exemlo : The order of the reputation of the South American teams , the reputation of some championships ( number of stars ) , some wills of some players and realized that all I edited was correct . In FM 13 I edited everything I had done in 12 , but now for the 14 I decided to try using the same file, it is very laborious reditar all over again , I wonder would it be possible to use data published in the 13 fm 14 ? I think like the changes I made will always be in the game , there was nothing on the transfer and I created nothing , at most only added .

Thanks for listening !

Note: Sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place, I have not found where to take this type of question here in the forum

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While it is possible to load editor data files created using the FM13 Editor in FM14, we cannot guarantee that everything will work correctly as cross-compatibility is not something we really support.

As with every release, fundamental changes to the data may cause some edits to fail in the new game.

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