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FM14: F.C. København - No.1 in Scandinavia

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F.C. København





F.C. Copenhagen: A History

Football Club København (F.C. Copenhagen) is in many ways both an old and a new club. Even though the club was established in 1992, it is nevertheless rooted in over 100 years of club tradition.

F.C. Copenhagen is unique in Scandinavia, as the clubs first team actually represents two separate clubs : Kjøbenhavns Boldklub - KB - (mainland Europe's oldest football club) founded in 1876 and Boldklubben 1903 founded in 1903.

The timing is right...

Football clubs are proud of their heritage and history and KB and B1903 are as fiercely individual as any other clubs. KB were the very first winners of the Danish league and have won the national championship 15 times. B1903 have been champions on seven occasions and cup winners twice, and both clubs have set their mark on Danish football through the last century.

KB had actually attempted to run professional football on two previous occasions in the 1980's but both times had failed to muster enough financial support, and for many members of KB, it had been a long time since they had enjoyed football success at the highest level. B1903 on the other hand was an established top club in the Danish Superliga right up until 1992, with disappointing attendances (average gates under 2,000) but with the all important financial backing of a local entrepreneur: Alex Friedmann. KB were therefore keen to have a team playing professional football while B1903 had a good squad of players but an uncertain future, after it was clear that.

Friedmann was unable to guarantee his support for much longer - the scene was set for a "fusion". Another event coincided to make the new club possible. The rebuilding of Denmark's national stadium - PARKEN - meant that the new club had a ready made top-modern stadium to play in and could therefore come away from the rather feudal facilities available at B1903 and KB.

B1903 and KB continue to fulfil an important role today as two clubs rooted in their local communities in Copenhagen. They are now bases for talent development for their "shared" first team - F.C. Copenhagen.

The new club F.C. Copenhagen was established on the 1st July 1992.

Ambitions and expectations...

1992 remains one of the golden years in Denmark's sporting history, and it is not just because F.C. Copenhagen was formed in that year! 1992 was of course the year that Denmark surprised the rest of Europe and won the European Championship. - after being late replacements for banned Yugoslavia. F.C. Copenhagen therefore started on a wave of football interest and national football pride... the timing was right.


F.C. København 1 -1 Juventus - Champions league 2013/2014


Superliga - The team should be strong enough to win the league.

Danish Cup - Play the young players until the Christmas break, i'm sure the board dont mind you not winning it.

Champions League - Straight into the group stages, Seeded in 3rd or 4th layer.

Transfer Budget - 1,14M£

% of transfer revenue made available - 20%

Balance - -1,00M£ - Once the Champions league group stages have been drawn you should be 6.00M£+ and only going up from there

Wage Budget - 881.205£( 769.543£ used)

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Only coach not manager, "playing F.C. københavn the realistic way"

If you want to play F.C. københavn the realistic way, you dont have much to say. Carsten V. Jensen Director of Football does the job for you, the club should function when you leave.

(dont know if FM can handle it in a realistic way, or else set it up how you like)


I suggest switching of the first transfer window, when starting a new game, there is a problem with danish clubs selling way to many players

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Tactics - Playing F.C. københavn the realistic way

In the Danish League the preffered formation is 4-4-2

In the tough games a 4-4-1-1 formation is preffered

If the tactics below works, i dont know, probably not :-)


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Reserved Transfer targets/ countries to scout "playing F.C. københavn the realistic way"

Countries to scout


Denmark Norway Sweden

Iceland Faroe Islands Finland

Belgium Czech Republic Romania Slovakia Slovenia Netherlands

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That's it for now, hope to see alot off post here.

I'm off to play the game, so i can finish the thread.

Enjoy! :-)

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I would be interested in knowing peoples experiences playing "the realistic way". how much control do you have in first team signings? can the game really handle that role? it seems like a novel idea I would try, Im just not sure the game can handle it.

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As its a beta I was just taking a gung go approach and control things as per any other club, not adhering to "the realistic way". Although that is something i may very well do once the full game is released.

To be honest this test has been a rather disaster, both Jorgenson & Daleny have been sold after receiving bids and rejecting them they both asked to speak with me which resulted in them being ridiculously unhappy and handing in transfer requests. Replacing them was nigh on impossible with the limited funds given from the sales..

Only brought in Poulsen & Thelander.

I seem really weak up top but that could be my set up.

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I've reached the January transfer window in my first season as FC Copenhagen manager

Sitting 1th in the league, gone out of the cup, and is still in the CL after finishing 2nd after Chelsea in the group stage but ahead of Marseille and Anderlech - Got a tie with Man Utd in the next round

Done a fair deal of wheeling and dealings with the squad

Summer transferwindow

Ins: Jesper Juelsgaard (as Bengtson won't sign a new contract), Oscar Lewicki, Stefan Strandberg and Andre Rømer(on loan)

Outs: Bolanos, Diouf

January transferwindow

Ins: Pione Sisto, Emil Larsen, Casper Sloth, May Mahlangu

Outs: Gislason, Braaten, Adi

Was going to try and offload Claudimir, but the lvl of retur of my transfer sales has dropped to 30% (was up to 100% at a point) so is going to wait until the summer transferwindow to see if it raises again

And have agreed terms with this "wonderkid" in the making to join us in the summer of 2016 - will by far be the best player in the Danish Superliga when he joins


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So some time have gone, made it to the summer transfer window after season two

The FC Copenhagen team has changed a lot

GK) Julio Cesar (Pär Hansson - Newgen)

DR) REMMER (Chambers loan)

DL) Jesper Juelsgaard (Mikkel Kirkeskov)

DC) Steven Caulker (Sonni Nattestad)

DC) Frederik Sørensen (Alessio Romagnoli)

MC) William Kvist (Ezequiel Cirigliano)

MC) DELANEY (Albin Ekdal)

RW) Emil Larsen (Baskim Kadrii - Alexander Kacaniklic)

AM) Casper Sloth (Højbjerg loan - Andrew Hjulsager)

LW) Pione Sisto (Rasmus Falk)

FC) CORNELIUS (Simon Makienok -Newgen)

Thrilled to bring Kvist back home and a big thank you to Cardiff for getting relegated after the first season, so Caulker became interested in joining me :D

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