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[FM14] The Tetradecagon Challenge

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Great thanks krillon007. I'll have a look when I'm home tonight and maybe start one up. Good work with AS Dragon and good luck in Ghana

Good luck to you too, man. I definitely think AS Dragon are your best bet outside of New Zealand. The top clubs in New Zealand barely sack their managers and there is no promotion to the top flight either. With the right transfers, a team from Tahiti/Fiji should be able to win the Champions League in the first 2 seasons.

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2014/15 Season Review (Ghana)


After taking over at Berekum Arsenal, I realised that this club simply won't be big enough to win the Champions League and move on quickly.

We had only about 13/14 first-teamers and were predicted to finish 9th (out of 16 teams). We had minimal scouting knowledge and zero staff members, so I invited a few players on trial and offered them contracts.

Premier League


We had a very good start and one point, it looked like we could actually win the title. But the players were complacent and tired and we dropped off to 5th place. Unfortunately, no continental football, because the winner qualifies for the prelims of the Champions League and the runners-up/cup winners qualify for the Confed Cup.

FA Cup


We had a dream run to the final, beating lower league sides with ease. Unfortunately, Hearts of Oak dominated in a one-sided final and we missed out on a place in the Confed Cup.

What Next?

I applied for a couple of jobs in South Africa (F.C. AK) and Morocco (Raja Casablanca). F.C. AK were unwilling to pay compensation and Raja dismissed my interest in the job. Moreover, the board seem to have discovered my flirting with other clubs and have expressed their disappointment (my first warning).

It looks like I'll be staying in Berekum for the time being, but I don't planning on extending my contract, which expires next year.


P.S. How does this look? Plan on continuing this format for all new updates.

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2015/16 Season Review (Ghana)

There was a slight improvement with the scouting this season, and it certainly helped me a lot as I made all the right moves in the market.

Ghana Premier League


Again, we came agonisingly close to winning the title, but I discovered last season that one bad game can spoil your entire season...



Very important victory for Arsenal, giving them a place in the Confed Cup - unfortunately, the money that comes from this win is pathetic.

Hall of Fame and Career Stats



Exactly a 100 games!

What Next?

They did offer to extend my contract by a year and up my wages a bit, but I resigned a week after the last game in search of better opportunities.

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ended up getting the fiorentina job, built a good team with a solid tatic, not done well in the champs league so far so if i can crack it in the next three seasons, im going to leave and take on the other leagues before taking on the champs league again

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