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ri916's FM14 Anglo/Euro Youth Academy Challenge

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Very nice season Sn00gle!

TheGreatTraveler, consolidating nicely and looking ready for a push onwards and upwards!

Finished my season, and after what looks like a busy day ahead at work I will be writing it up and posting tonight!

Interesting, non spoiler development. One of my high potential youths was splitting time (maybe only 40 / 60) with another high potential youth in my first team. Well, out of nowhere he got a call up to the Swedish national squad at 18, gained his first cap from that call up and then this appeared in his transfer status screen!


Needless to say, I think his 5* potential might be nearer 6 or 7 star :p

He will now be first choice at his position next year, and the other guy will have to fight for scraps.

Just signed him up to a new max length deal to help protect me (ouch, but necessary), now I need good performances, his value to skyrocket (only 400k right now) and then worst case I get to sell for a large figure!

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Very nice season Sn00gle!

TheGreatTraveler, consolidating nicely and looking ready for a push onwards and upwards!

Finished my season, and after what looks like a busy day ahead at work I will be writing it up and posting tonight!

Interesting, non spoiler development. One of my high potential youths was splitting time (maybe only 40 / 60) with another high potential youth in my first team. Well, out of nowhere he got a call up to the Swedish national squad at 18, gained his first cap from that call up and then this appeared in his transfer status screen!


Needless to say, I think his 5* potential might be nearer 6 or 7 star :p

He will now be first choice at his position next year, and the other guy will have to fight for scraps.

Just signed him up to a new max length deal to help protect me (ouch, but necessary), now I need good performances, his value to skyrocket (only 400k right now) and then worst case I get to sell for a large figure!

Thats when you know you have a player on your hands

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Good season there Sn00gle! At least you have quite a few good players with the second season intake!

Braumiller: thnaks for the feedback, must say, I would keep rotating the kid and make him earn his place. If he fails you get to sell him for a good amount of money but yu are not giving up on the other youth yet.

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Truro City FC - Season 16/17



Wow. This season exceeded all my expectations. I thought we would struggle badly to stay up but it wasn't even close. We spent all season in mid-table terrority so it was a pretty uneventful ending to the season but that meant that I could give more youth-players game-time. 8 of 11 starting-players are now youth-products (3 of them were already there when I took over, though) and next season that number will 9 of 11. Dan Evans (club icon) will probably be leaving because he's complaining about lack of playing time and I have many young defenders that I prefer to play. It feels very encouraging that we managed to finish 10th in Skrill Premier while most of the squad is only playing at half of their potential.


Unfortunately we couldn't keep up our good league form in the cup. In the FA-cup we lost the replay at home to a non-league side in the 4th qual-round. Those two games were the most frustrating so far in my Truro career. In total we had 31 shots to their 4 but we just couldn't score. To make it more even more frustrating we would have played Chelmsford (Skrill South) in the first round if we won. Hopefully revenge next season.

Lost in the second round of the FA Trophy away to Aldershot (Skrill Premier). It wasn't our year cup-wise.

Top players:

1. Andy Burke (14D): One of 4 youth players already at the club when I took over. This season I gave him the chance as my main striker and he didn't let me down. 25 goals in 37(9) games means that he will stay first-choice next season. Not very impressive attributes but he can improve a lot.

2. Cody Cooke: Our captain had another solid season in the middle of the park. Adds invaluable experience. I gave him a new 1-year contract which makes him our best paid player with ~28k£ a year.

3. Jordan Copp: He's mostly playing as a left-back because I don't have any natural players there. Also takes my corners and free-kicks. I still haven't decided if I'm going to renew his contract..

4. Brian Hamilton (14C): Another youth-player from when I took over. Brian is now my best central midfielder according to my assistant. He's a good box-to-box-midfielder and can still improve.

5. Mark Ratcliffe (15B): A solid season from Mark who now probably is our best central defender.

Youth intake

Third intake in a row that I'm extremely pleased with. No goalkeepers this year as opposed to 5 last year, but that's fine by me. Sadly our HOYD decided to retire and the end of the season but hopefully our new one can do a equally good job.

Connor Allen (17A): Another central defender. He will probably get some chances next season but is currently battling for 4th-choice with Jonny Ruddy.

Jonny Ruddy (17B): Similar to Allen, he will get some chances next season.

Ethan Minturn (17C): Central midfield is probably my best position right now so it will be hard to give him enough playing-time. But he looks very promising so I'll try to do my best. Possibly a loan when he's 17.

Ben Bradshaw (17D): Finally a left-back with potential. Sadly he's still very raw so he won't start right away but he will get his chances for sure.

Craig Shoulder (17E): Speaking of raw... He is nowhere near ready for the first team but hopefully U18 and reserve football will be enough for him to develop a little.

Juan Sebastian O'Keefe (17F): The player I'm most excited about in this batch. He started every game except one since he came and will probably be first-choice next season. Very all-round without excelling in anything (yet).

James Vanson (17G): Upgraded from 17H. An interesting striker with potential but he will have to spend a few years with the U18s first.

Best 5 previously tagged youth-players:

1. Gregg Almond (16C): My future playmaker managed to play 27 games this season while scoring 9(!) goals from his midfield-position. Unfortunately he tore his calf muscle in december and missed 4 months of football, otherwise he'd have played even more.

2. Gary Croft (15A): Future defensive midfielder in the making (re-training). 30 starts this season but once Paul Dixon's (Senior DM) contract runs out (this summer) the DM position will be his.

3. Clint Ritchie (15G): He was mostly used as a backup to Andy Burke but he did really well when asked upon. 12 goals in 14 starts (and 14 subs) is pretty good. He will have a similar role next season.

4. Lewis Mitchell (15D): There's no longer any doubt that he should start every game. Solid season.

5. Cameron French (15E): He only started 21 games this year but he continues to score some crucial goals. Good squad-player.


Finances still in the red but nothing worrying. The higher attendance income compared to Skrill south is clearly noticeable and it's only a matter of time before I'm in the black. Around 75k £ for finishing 10th certainly helped, though.

I only managed to get the board to agree to upgrade youth coaching but that wasn't surprising due to my failures in the FA-cup.

Previous goals:

* Survive. Success

* Keep giving lots of play-time to youth players (not that I have a choice, 5 "original" players remaining) Success

* Have another cup-run Failed

Next season:

* Safe mid-table finish

* Have a run in the FA-cup

* Upgrade youth facilities or youth recruitment network

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Does anyone in England have problems with singing new contracts to youth ? They dont want to sing new contract or wana only contract with money geting from playing in match ? Thats totaly dumb if thats next problem i wont continue England and back to Sweden LOL

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Next flash from the season ! It was good season but if I think I could be near playoffs anyway good job to my players

Youth Players Watch:

Danny Haniver YP00a : Stable but seriously I think he will be just sub for right defender since I got nice intake this season . But we will see

George Rivers YP00b : Good season for this guy im happy about that :)

Simon Gibbs YP00c : He didnt play mainly on position with Young where i want to place him he played most on defensive middle but very good season for this guy gj bro!

Wayne Tyrie YP01a : He jump on main right defender very good first season for this guy! At the end ofc Injury

Kenny Young YP01b : Middle is hes place where he stole all girls hearths

Wayne Stock YP01c : Jump at end of season on some matches good job we will see if he can do something more for team

Remi Bentley YP01d : Go in squad as defensive middle becous St.Albans (THX a lot mthielen) take my Kennedy! Hope he will sing new contract

Youth Intake :

Wayne Tyrie YP02a

Cameron Wild YP02b

Tommy Shinn YP02c

Duncan Davie YP02d

Joseph Porter YP02e

Alessandro Petruzzi YP02f

Calum Farley-Hearn YP02g

Adrian Wild YP02h

Jeff Fehmi YP02i

Darryl Tighe YP02j

Amazing intake . I got more good players but I decide show only few not whole intake :) I think one DL have good chance to play too from intake .

Next Season : Near Playoffs, improve youth lvl and junior coaching .

And some bad news after season my fac went down coz technology went up :D Kidd and Barney didnt sing contract not even interested with talking so its bad Kidd was important for me since he was good keeper now poor Fehmi must jump in first squad ;/ Petruzzi should be better then Barney so thats not prob. I wish it woulnd be my last season my aim is top half of table since i lost my good assistant too and my contract ends after season + Kidd lost could be really bad for me :) BUT GAME ON!

Career :

Season 1

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CD Castellon - Liga adelante - Season 2015-2016

Prediction: 22nd

Finished: 9th. Just an incredible season and had a very small chance to get into thye play-offs until 2 games before the end of the season. And when I didn't had a very bad run of 2 wins in 13 games I would have made it to the play-offs.Didn't suffered any relegation problems the whole season.

Before the season started i didn't had a good feeling about this season. My first friendly ended with this score. I haven't see such a terrible loss inj the whole thread. But from the first game of the season it went very well.

Games 1st part

Games 2nd part

The cup: 2nd round

Youth intake: Incredible good with five 5* players and one 4.5* player. Have good hopes for them.

Diego (YP3a)

Hector Escartin (YP3b): Allready played a couple games with 1 goal and 3 assists.

Carlos (YP3c)

Armando Zarate (YP3d)

Anibal Martinez (YP3e)

Joaquim Moreno (YP3f): allready 2 subs due to a lak of GK. Played actually very good.

Like I said, a very good intake. Only problem is that i'm playing allready 2 seasons with only 1 DR and 1 ML. I hope I get next intake both off them, because I won't be as Lucky as I am with injuries at both places.

Also got bad news. Facilities downgraded and a take over by a consortium, and they would like to bring in there own manager. The positive news is that they bring a bit of cash withthem. Just hope that I can stay.

Aims for next season:

Don't get kicked out by the new chairman.

Top half finish

3 round of the cup.

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SeaSon 9

League/ Winner

Swedish Cup / Group

Europa League / 2nd Knockout Round

Champions League / Ongoing

League Table

Defended the title smashing the goals in. My old timers are started to show there age so it could be the changing of the guard

Nice bit of cash




Star Players -

4 I knew i had this kid but I didn't know he was going to be so good so early

1 Goals are starting to take a bit of a dip but could be his last season starting

2 Great first season trained him up to be a left sided Mid after Jeglertz went down injured

3 Sub Left Mid thanks to the emergence of Ukic & Injurys starting to take there toll on him

5 Very Healthy left which is good because i dont have another one.

Youth Candidates -


YP1A / 1 year left going to sign him up to his last 3 year deal



YP2 he is a complete beast




YP3/ great season will need a new contract now

YP3A/ still my best DM but YP7A is Pushing him for that spot


YP4/ Another great season by Mr Dependable

YP4A/ another waste of a season for him

YP4B/ Great Season by him

YP5/ lack of games is not helping his development but will not go on loan anywhere

YP5A/ lack of games for him


YP6/ scoring freely for the youth team and plenty assists

YP6A/ great record for the youth team


YP7/ Tempted to start him next season just to see how god he can be

YP7A/ will be starting CM next season

YP8/ Good prospect considering the lack of full backs i have

YP8A/ looks like he could be great

YP8B/ hoping he makes the grade because there is a lack of CB coming through

YP9/ Report Could be my best CB i have ever had with this team

Europa League 2nd Round Knockout

1 / Threw it all away with two stupid penaltys

Champions League Group

1 aiming between 6 and 7 points

Bollocks always Messi YAWN!!!

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IJsselmeervogels Season 4 review (2017/2018)


[League] [Squad Stats] [Transfers] [Finances] [Facilities]

I went into the this season with no expectations really, just hoping for more goals and was pleasantly surprised by how it went. We managed to score 10 more goals and win 3 more games than in any previous season, so definitely signs of improvement. We finished 12th overall which is really healthy, we flirted with the playoffs for a few weeks during the season, but that was flattering because of the fixture list we played a lot of the lower quality teams in succession and finished the season with a horrible run in, only winning one game in 11. I did get a bit carried away when we were close to playoffs and was annoyed by how we ended season but realistically we are not ready for even a promotion challenge yet.

The board have agreed the upgrade both Youth and Training facilities again, this time costing £3,200,000, so may be the last upgrade for a while, junior coaching has also been upgraded to average. The only worry is that our youth recruitment remains basic and judging the still poor intakes this could be a problem.

Youth Intake

Another poor intake, I think its a vicious cycle, I cannot improve youth recruitment because my club reputation is still very low and I cannot improve reputation because standard of players remains the same. Either way at least I got a player in a position we lack depth.

Christian Jacobs[/url](YP04a) A tall, slow defender who will need lots of work on positioning. The positives are his personality (Determined) and Bravery. He will have plenty of first team football next year and will become a key player when my last original centre back retires.

Wouter Biekman A small goalkeeper, who was signed purely because he was only other player with potential, will become back up but only in emergencies will he actually play!

Tagged Players

Ferry Ergodan (YP02a) This guy is progressing nicely, he only missed 3 weeks through injury and was consistent in every game, next year will be important as other midfielders are ageing so he needs to step up.

Richard Stam (YP03a) A good start to the season was marred by a 3 month lay off with hamstring tear, still he performed OK and trained well, interest from several Eredivisie clubs suggest he can be a very good player.

I think all I can do is keep chipping away season by season, the core of the team is still young enough to remain competitive in the league and hopefully I will get the youth intake soon that can push me to the next level.

Next seasons goals

* Lose less games

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Media Prediction : 14th

Board Expectations: Avoid Relegation

Personal Expectations: Avoid Relegation

I think I can safely say, I may have somewhat exceeded expectations and gained automatic promotion to the Elite Division. The team continued it's record of scoring in every single competitive game, though I think that may be hard to do again for a 3rd season. Winning automatic promotion, was a last day, smash and grab, with the then 1st placed team surprisingly losing to the bottom placed team. The team is also through to the group stages of the cup, but as that takes place in next season, not really that much to say.

Youth Team

Yet again, a very down the middle selection, with nobody really standing out against the previous years selections.

Though for next year, just prior to this intake I did get the board to increase the Junior Coaching as part of my contract negotiations, so hopefully next years selection will be better, and with a new HoYD in place too, I may even get people capable of playing on the wings.

Financially the team just about managed to break even, with only the squad bonuses being paid making the team a loss for the season, hopefully next season I can get more money and actually start making improvements in the training facilities too.

Target for next season: avoid relegation, also time to starting trimming the size of the squad down.

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Wow, you spend a day off the forums, not writing your update like you meant to but playing another season (double update to come tonight or tomorrow) and there are a bunch of updates to read through! :thup:

druvo, very nice season and great intake again! Gutted to see your HOYD retire!

Sn00gle, another good season and intake! Looking promising for moving up in the near future!

Bartrcm, I love Castellon and you are doing them proud! another great intake, you guys are making me jealous (he says in a semi-spoiler frowny kind of way! lol)

toonblamy87. damn nice title defence! You been able to use the cash to advance the club yet?

Sanno11, you are consolidating nicely in what sounds like a real tough starting league to find your feet. Like you say, just that one or two good intake kids to push you over the top and it is a small step to the playoff lottery or maybe even more!

korvalis, back to back promotions! Awesome!

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Wow, you spend a day off the forums, not writing your update like you meant to but playing another season (double update to come tonight or tomorrow) and there are a bunch of updates to read through! :thup:

druvo, very nice season and great intake again! Gutted to see your HOYD retire!

Sn00gle, another good season and intake! Looking promising for moving up in the near future!

Bartrcm, I love Castellon and you are doing them proud! another great intake, you guys are making me jealous (he says in a semi-spoiler frowny kind of way! lol)

toonblamy87. damn nice title defence! You been able to use the cash to advance the club yet?

Sanno11, you are consolidating nicely in what sounds like a real tough starting league to find your feet. Like you say, just that one or two good intake kids to push you over the top and it is a small step to the playoff lottery or maybe even more!

korvalis, back to back promotions! Awesome!

1 training and youth update last season and another one this season so ticking over nicely also some cash went towards the stadium

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Good luck toonbalmy87, amazing progess already, can't believe how many goals you scored last season!

Korvalis, well done on back to back promotions, shame no wingers were in the intake, but that many players with 5* potential!!!

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toonbalmy87 Awesome job mate. Win against ManUtd and CL semis are fantastic achievement. You are still using your same tactics which you posted before?

braumiller Looking forward to double update!

sanno11 Well at least you can notice progress. That is good. Good intake or two and you will be in playoffs.

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IK Tord » 2022 Season » Allsvenskan » 6th

Squad | Transfers | League Table | Svenska Cupen (2nd Group Stage 2022/Qualified for Groups 2023)

A big improvement on last year, moving up from 13th to 6th. However our problem was the same, we fell away again, scoring 6 wins in our first 8 games and only 6 more for the remaining 22. Some of it was fixture ordering - we didn't play any of the five teams above us in the first run of games - but we also seem to just take it easy once things are secure. Maybe I need to demand more.

I've got several players agitating for moves to bigger clubs, so keeping them at the club is the challenge. One I turned down a 5 million pound bid for - not sure if that was the right thing or not, it was over 25 times his value. I have him locked in for another 3 years, and he is my best CB, so hopefully I made the right choice.

Strong at the top in this intake with a bit more balance than before.

(22a) Oscar Persson - Right back is still probably my weakest position with nobody laying a strong claim on it, hopefully Persson can be the one.

(22b) Tobias Tegström - Natural AMC, but with his pace a wide or more advanced role probably makes more sense.

(22c) Per Meijer - With one of my centre backs leaving due to contract demands, he'll be in with a chance to force his way into the senior team sooner rather than later.

I think it's time to take advantage of all that talent up front I got in the previous couple of intakes and move to a 4-2-4 - most of my strikers can play wide so that formation seems to make the most sense. It's not like we're being that good at locking teams down defensively as it stands, may as well try to turn things into a shootout.

There's a big gap between where we are and the European places, but we need to bridge it, because we need the money, and we need to convince our players that we're a big enough club.

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Wow, so many Updates in the last 2 days! better catch up!

druvo: very good season! You are consolidating in the division, and a top-half finish is top class! Very good intake, Minturn looks very good! That versatility should make it easy for you to play him, even if only from the bench!

Sn00gle: another good season, that intake looks amazing! Will be tough to get all of them into the First Team though :(

Bartrcm: Another season of progress! A 9th placed finish is amazing when you were expected to finish last! Only 4 points from play-offs, so next year could be the year!

toonbalmy87: Another league win, but you must be hoping for an improved performance in Europe!

Sanno11: Jacobs looks pretty good physically, and some work on his technicals should make him a great DC

korvalis: Congrats on promotion! And as champions too! Surprised to see no tags from such an intake! :eek:

Shakes: Nice season, but you will need a much improved season to catch up with the top 5

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Vastra Frolunda IF - Season 14 Review (2027)


League Table | League Positions Graph | Squad Stats | Transfers | Finances | Seasons Records


Swedish Premier League: 3rd - Results

Swedish Cup : Semi Final

Europa League : Quarter Finals

Champions League : Group Stages

Season Review

The Swedish season sure is a culture shock. Before we managed to play our 4th league game of the season, we had already played 6 Europa League knockout games and 5 Swedish Cup games.

Europa League action resumed after progressing from the group stages at the end of last season. First Knockout Round game against Sevilla and truth be told I was not expecting to progress. However two great performances, 4-1 at home and then 3-1 away saw us move on handily! Second Knockout Round saw us draw AZ of Holland and we fancied our chances. A professional 2-0 win at home put us in great shape, then one of our best ever 45 minutes saw us 4-0 away in the 2nd leg! I then decided to throw on 3 kids for the experience, including our very promising youth goalkeeper. Then the heart palpitations began! A crazy game ended up 4-4, for a 6-4 aggregate. And I resolved to not make such drastic subs again! So onto a very unexpected Europa League Quarter Final against highly fancied Dortmund. We play well in both games, but they were much too strong for us as expected. Two close games, falling 1-2 at home and then 2-3 away. The run had ended, but we put a great account of ourselves out there.

Swedish Cup saw last minute heartbreak in the semi finals. 2-2 against Elfsborg entering into time added on, they scored the winner on 90+6....

Another good league season saw us register 3 points more than our title winning effort last year, but this time it was only good enough for 3rd. A very close top 4, but in the end we just fell short. Missing out on the 2nd Champions League spot on the last day of the season was especially hard to take.

Late in our season saw us enter the Champions League Group Stage for the first time in club history. ~7.5m met us there and much rejoicing was done! A horrendous draw also greeted us, with Barcelona, Arsenal and Benfica the opponents. Fully expecting 6 losses and no extra result based prize money. But we did managed two draws, for around ~400k each! First game away at Arsenal we were 2-0 down with 20 to play, when the unexpected happened, 2 goals and a draw! Next was Barcelona at home, and only a 90+4 goal kept us from another draw, losing 2-1. We were fortunate to draw at home to Benfica 1-1, and then lost all 3 return games. Just over 8m made and that was the main aim this first time around.

Youth Intake

A below average to average intake. Three tags given to, again, three diminuative kids;

Robbin Petersson (YP 14A) - A good looking defensive midfielder

Milan Cosic (YP 14B) - A 5' 9" central defender, but he has knowledge of DR, DM & MC as well to give me options for his future

Bosko Grbic (YP 14C) - A natural right sided winger, which I am light on. Will probably get more chances sooner than the other two.

"Frolunda Five"

Jonas Stromberg (YP 08A) - Started upfront, got injured and then played left wing on his return

Christoffer Eriksson (YP 08B) - Has turned into a great defensive midfielder, with good cover for either fullback position

Ludvig Johnson (YP 10C) - The seasons happy surprise. A move to FC paid huge dividends with goals, goals, goals.

Tomas Hermansson (YP 12C) - A great first full season of first team action, playing in midfield.

Tolgahan Durusoy (YP 07E) - Now a starter in the first team


With the money from the Europa League run and Champions League group appearance, the bank account is healthy. We had plans agreed for both training and youth facilities upgrades and they were completed in the off season. We also got news of the new stadium which had been mysteriously in planning, but with no news. A new ~10,500 stadium is in the works and will be finished this time next year. A little smaller than I had hoped for, and puts us now on a 20 year countdown to a potential 2nd new stadium when I hope we are amongst the European top flight.

No Youth Recruitment upgrade options yet, and this is the one I am looking out for the most right now

Season 15 (2028) Goals

* Challenge again for both domestic trophies

* Make the Europa League Group stages again

* Upgrade facilities again ASAP while the Champions League money is still in the bank



Vastra Frolunda IF - Season 15 Review (2028)


League Table | League Positions Graph | Squad Stats | Transfers | Finances | Seasons Records


Swedish Premier League: 1st - Results

Swedish Cup : Semi Finals

Europa League : Qualified from Group Stages, Knockout Rounds next season

Season Review

A very interesting season! Firstly the big news was a change of formation, mainly due to our many attacking options and wanting to field more of them at the same time, and also due to the manager always wanting to change things up to keep things more interesting....

The league again was a very close fought affair, with what is turning into the current Swedish big 4 of ourselves, Malmo, Helsingborg and Elfsborg all very much in it at the end. Just three points in it with 4 games to go. The turning point of the season though looking back was perhaps the craziest 6 pointer I have been involved in. Away at Helsingborg, with 5 games to go we were drawing 1-1 with 81 minutes on the clock. The game ended 3-3, with then taking 2-1 and 3-2 leads in that frantic finale. That heroic double comeback essentially won the title, as Helsingborg would have won the title if they had held on.

Two wins and two draws from our final 4 games was enough to secure the title for the second time in our history! The top two were polar opposites this year, with us being the gung-ho outfit, scoring the most goals in the league (87 in 30 games), and Malmo being the very hard to score against (conceding just 16 in 30 games). Champions League Group Stages football again next year!

Swedish Cup was a nightmare repeat of last year. Losing the semi final on an injury time goal, 90+2 this time...

Europa League action started with the all important Playoff game, this year against Molde. A very pleasing 10-3 aggregate win put us back in the group stages alongside Vit Guimariles, Zenit & Cardiff. 3 wins and 3 draws were more than enough to see us progress as group winners, and into the knockout stages at the beginning of next season. The draw has us paired against PSV in the First Knockout Round, with a possible Slovan Bratislava / Grasshoppers Second Round matchup.

Youth Intake

A disappointing intake, with just the two tagged but neither currently really jump out at you;

Johan Friman (YP 15A) - Love his starting pace and flair, could turn into a good option up front

Niklas Dahl (YP 15B) - Needs a lot of work, but is two footed which is a bonus

"Frolunda Five"

Oscar Karlsson (YP 12A) - A very interesting one. Started out like a house on fire, 10 assists in his first 9 games. A first cap for Sweden and them all of the European elite appeared on his transfer screen. We knew we had a top quality player now, so signed him to a max length deal. He then got injured for 4 months, missing the entire second half of the season. Currently playing in one of the two MC roles, which when he plays is a playmaker spot, instead of a 'water carrier'. He looks to be our biggest future asset, and truth be told the new formation probably does not suit him perfectly. Options to play at AMC if I drop a FC or wide player and go narrower and use him as a provider. Not sure what to do yet.

Jonas Stromberg (YP 08A) - Another top notch season from Jonas. He looked determined not to be overshadowed again by Ludvig, and suceeded!

Ludvig Johnson (YP 10C) - Continued upfront where he left off last season, but with a strike partnership with Stromberg (for the most part). A double-double, 23 goals, 15 assists.

Abdussamed Ibrahim (YP 09) - The untagged right sided midfielder/winger continues to prove the coaches and HOYD wrong with great performances and still has a firm grip on his

Jacob Olausson (YP 09A) - His best season yet, and benefited from finally being a starter with the new formation. 20 goals from predominantly out wide is a fantastic return, along with 14 assists.


We were able to secure a 2nd round of training and youth facility upgrades from our first Champions League windfall, and they will be completed a month into next season.

Our new 10,154 capacity stadium is due to be finished in two weeks as well, and hopefully we will fill it out every week and then begin expanding it (to what it should have been built to at a minimum to begin with!).

Great season for Swedish Awards at the club

Season 16 (2029) Goals

* Challenge for league and cup again

* Win our first Champions League group game

* Expand stadium

* Further facility upgrades

Trophy Cabinet

Champions League                 - 
Europa League                    - 
Swedish Premier League           - 2028, 2026
Swedish First Division Elite     - 2019
Swedish First Division South     - 2017
Swedish Regional Second Division - 2014
Swedish Cup                      - 2026
Swedish Super Cup                - 2027

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FC United Of Manchester - 2013-2032 - Career Review Part 2


My best career on FM to date without a doubt, as I managed to take FC United from the rags of the Blue Square North (as it was called then) all the way up to the riches of the Prem and the Champions League using only the original squad and the youth players coming through. I am will be reviewing my progress here in sets of seasons that I believe belong together, with some groupings logical (all seasons in one division) and some less so. So without further a due, lets see what I learnt in my 19 seasons at FC United.

Note: The amount of seasons refers to how I did it, yours may take more or less

Building Around The Star (7 seasons)

This is something that doesn't necessarily have to come just as you build a team full of youth players. This should be done when you get that player that is much better than everyone else and could lead you through the leagues. A player with outstanding potential who you know will be the star of the team for years to come. In my case, it was Lewis Watkins, who took the team up to the Championship. Hence why I call the 8 and a half years he was at the club as The Watkins Years.

Season 5: 2017-2018

Blue Square Bet Premier: 15th

How I originally described the season:

Our first season in the BSP was a relative success in the field as we managed to finish in a safe mid-table position. After a slow start that got me worried we would be a in for a long, hard season to avoid the drop, we went in a great 2 month run that saw get closer to the play-off spots than the relegation zone. However, the team struggle during the winter period as Leon Thorne and Karl Prior's shooting boots, which had been firing all cilinders at the start, dried up and the team was unable to get points from anywhere. It took Johnny O'Connor's breakthrough to get some points on the board as the team changed to a more possession oriented tactic. We ended up the season playing well but struggling to finish our chances. Still, a great first season in the BSP where we were predicted to finish in 23rd place.

That Years Intake

It seems weird, but the best player to come out of our Academy from the first 11 seasons came by himself, with the rest being terrible and not playing in the Football League after they were released. Lewis Watkins-YP5a was the star, with his original "Good Championship Player" potential immediately attracting interest. As it would be, me and Lewis would have confrontations about all the bids I would reject for him, but in the end our relationship would be good for everything he gave us.

My look on it 15 seasons into the future:

While the survival at the time was what I cared about, nowadays I see it for what it really meant: Getting our leader for the next 8 seasons as we stormed up the leagues. The starting XI in this season was fully Youth Player. Adam Abbott-YP1a Had a very good season at right-back, which ended with me giving him a 5 year contract. Dominic Roberts-YP1b Was the starting keeper again, but only because there was no other option, with some of his performances more than disappointing. Karl Prior-YP2a A very inconsistent season with him ending with 11 goals. Regardless, still a definate starter. Derek Wilson-YP2b Suffered many injuries during the season, but when fit he was first choice on the right wing. Leon Thorne-YP2c scored 14 goals up-top, but considering he had 10 in 18 games and didn't score for the next 17, it could have been much better. Still remained the star, but that was about to change. Robbie Gammon-YP3a Made the step up to the BSP without any trouble, and remains a starter in the center of the pitch. Sean Coleman-YP3b Was the starter at the MC spot next to Gammon, but he will need to become a starter on the left to play much. Declan Rowlands-YP3c Rotated between the starting XI and the bench, but his development was outstanding. As before, his time was still to come. Ian Rooney-YP4b became a starter at DL, making the team fully youth player. So the starting XI, in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 would be Roberts; Abbott - Rowlands - O'Reilly - Rooney; Wilson - Gammon - Watkins - Coleman; Prior - Thorne. All youth players. And 4 of them would end up playing in the Prem. Watkins was one of them, but he wouldn't play in it for us. Of the other 3, two would retire at the club and the other would become a club-legend.

Season 6: 2018-2019

Blue Square Bet Premier: 9th

How I originally described the season:

What a great season. We didn't do to well at the start, and struggled a lot in the league during the winter as the usual fixture congestion was increased due to us doing very well in the cups. Once we where elminated from the cups however, the team went on a great run of only 2 losses in a 17 game period, including a 10 match unbeaten streak to end the season. We finished just 12 points from the play-off spots(and 20 above the relegation zone) in our best season so far. The attack worked very well(we scored the 3rd most goals in the division) but our defense struggled once more(we conceded the 5th most goals in the division). If our defense can improve next season, our attack should be able to outscore the opponent and lead us to another mid-table season.

That Years Intake

The notable player of this years intake was goal-keeper Andrew Kelly-YP6a. Back then I was delighted to finally have somebody to compete with Roberts. In hindsight, I still am, as Kelly would be our keeper until the end of The Watkins Years.

My look on it 14 seasons into the future:

This season began the change in style as we really began to build around Watkins. While we kept our same 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 formation, we went for a more possesion based style of play to suit the star and it worked wonders for us. Nothing too relevant from this season other than Stuart Thompson-YP3d taking Robbie Gammon-YP3a's place in midfield and Declan Rowlands-YP3c becoming first choice center-back. With this, the Starting XI for the season was Dominic Roberts-YP1b; Adam Abbott-YP1a | Charlie O'Reilly-YP1e | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4a; Derek Wilson-YP2b | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Lewis Watkins-YP5a | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Karl Prior-YP2a | Leon Thorne-YP2c.

Season 7: 2019-2020

Blue Square Bet Premier: 1st

How I originally described the season:

Once again the team has exceeded expectations as we won our first title together. We started off very strongly and didn't lose a match until the 11th league game. We mantained very good form until the cups came into play as I rested players in the league to play in the cup. However, not going as far in the cups as last seaosn was a blessing in disguise as the team, who dropped to a season low of 4th place before going an a great run of reults to take back first place with eight games to go in the season. Eventually the season narrowed down to the final game. I was 2 points ahead of Accrington with a 10 goal advantage in goal difference, so a draw would be enough to win me the title. We conceded minutes into the game as Accrington went ahead in their own game, which had me worried we would lose out. However, new captain Leon Thorne rallied the side as we managed to equalize just as Accrington fell behind in their match. We went down again moments later, and once more Thorne equalized for us. Accrington endedup losing 4-1 as we drew 2-2 and ended the season with the title, and prmotion to League Two in the bag. FC United will be playing in the Football League!!!

That Years Intake

In hindsight, there were two notables from this intake: Allan Gallimore-YP7a and Dafydd Burrell-YP7c. Both would eventually become important players for the team, with Gallimore breaking through much earlier than Burrell...

My look on it 12 seasons into the future:

What a season for us, winning promotion at our first challenge for it. At the time I worried it may have been to early, but better to get promoted and take your chances than stay in the division stuck for 3-5 more seasons. The most important moments, long-term, from the season were Andrew Kelly-YP6a taking the GK spot from Dominic Roberts-YP1b, Lewis Watkins-YP5a signing a 5 year contract, and Leon Thorne-YP2c becoming club-captain, a post he would hold for a long, long time... As well, Karl Prior-YP2a lost his spot as second choice striker to Johnny O'Connor-YP4c. The Starting XI for the season had 2 changes from the last season, with a striker and the GK changing, making the team the following in the 4-2-2-2 formation: Andrew Kelly-YP6a ; Adam Abbott-YP1a | Charlie O'Reilly-YP1e | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4b; Derek Wilson-YP2b | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Lewis Watkins-YP5a | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Johnny O'Connor-YP4c | Leon Thorne-YP2c.

Season 8: 2020-2021

nPower League 2: 8th

How I originally described the season:

I can't believe we did so well in our first season in the Football League. I was expecting a struggle that would leave us near the bottom two, yet we finished just outside the play-offs. Unlike resent season when we have had one player who scores mosot of our goals, this season was a team effort overall. There was almost always at least one striker scoring, and the midfield was able to push on when the strikers were having a bad game. With a season of League Football under their belts, the team should be able to turn the draws in which we dominated into wins, the loses into draws and mount a play-off challenge.

That Years Intake

Again, two players would have some sort of impact, with Liam Birmigham-YP8a having less of an impact than Mr. Versatility Geraint Pierce-YP8b

My look on it 11 seasons into the future:

A defining season for us as we made the formation change that would take us up into the Premier league, as we changed into a 4-3-3. Some variations would happen in the remaining seasons(DM or no DM), but in general this was the formation. The highlights from the season were Leon Thorne-YP2c changing into a center-midfield spot, were he scored 12 goals and becoming the club's leading Legue goal-scorer with 85 goals. As well, Allan Gallimore-YP7a became a starter at DC following O'Reilly's release during the summer.The Starting XI for the season had 1 personel change from the last season, with the team now playing in a 4-3-3 with Thompson at DM: Andrew Kelly-YP6a ; Adam Abbott-YP1a | Allan Gallimore-YP7a | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4b; | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Leon Thorne-YP2c | Lewis Watkins-YP5a; Derek Wilson-YP2b | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Johnny O'Connor-YP4c

Season 9: 2021-2022

nPower League 2: 1st

How I originally described the season:

A season of glory for FC United. The team was the best from the very start, always close to the top 3 places and eventually we managed to finish in first place after an incredible second half of the season. Watkins, Thorne, Rowlands, Wilson and O'Connor led the team this season with stellar performances from all of them throughout the season. Watkins has shown himself as the best player, dictating play from the center of the field. Next to him, our captain, Thorne had an impressive form after moving to MC permanently. And the opening up-top was taken gladfully by O'Connor, who led the line this season when not in the treatment table. Wilson led the Assist charts once again, while Rowlands strength at the back was vital this season. The promotion in a season in which we where expected to finish 13th saw me become a club icon. FC United will play in League 1 next season

That Years Intake

None of the players from this intake would make any real impact on the team on the long-term, despite how good some of them looked.

My look on it 10 seasons into the future:

My quickest promotion of all. Just 2 seasons it took us to get out of League 2, and led by Watkins there was nothing that could stop us. The highlights from the season were my U-18's reaching the Youth Cup final, were they lost 2-1 against Arsenal AET. They were led by Dafydd Burrell-YP7c who continues to make huge strides forward. Watkins had his best season to date, with him leading the team from the DLP position in midfield. The Starting XI was unchanged from the previous season,with all of them having amazing ones: Andrew Kelly-YP6a ; Adam Abbott-YP1a | Allan Gallimore-YP7a | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4b; | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Leon Thorne-YP2c | Lewis Watkins-YP5a; Derek Wilson-YP2b | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Johnny O'Connor-YP4c

Season 10: 2022-2023

nPower League 1: 10th

How I originally described the season:

After destroying Nottingham Forrest 5-1 in the league cup before the season started, I was feelinge fairly confident. 1 point from the next 4 games, and eliminations from the Legaue Cup and the JPT had me thinking otherwise. But then, Johnny O'Connor hit form and the team started to get the points. We became very strong at home, and managed to get a couple of away points here and there. When O'Connor stopped scoring, Coleman, Watkins, Thorne, and Wilson stepped up to get the goals to give us vital points as the team let the fear of relegation behind them by March, when we were 3 points from a play-off spot. Finishing just 11 points from first place was very good, but i'm not sure if the team can repeat such a good season again next season. Hopefully we can finish mid-table again.

That Years Intake

Another intake were none of the players would make a lasting impact at the club. But don't worry, as the next two would more than make-up for them.

My look on it 9 seasons into the future:

A very good season, but the first signs of a generational change started, as it was clear to me that Adam Abbott-YP1a was finally struggling, and that somebody would have to take his spot eventually. The Starting XI was unchanged from the previous season again, but that was set to change soon.: Andrew Kelly-YP6a ; Adam Abbott-YP1a | Allan Gallimore-YP7a | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4b; | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Leon Thorne-YP2c | Lewis Watkins-YP5a; Derek Wilson-YP2b | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Johnny O'Connor-YP4c

Season 11: 2023-2024

nPower League 1: 13th

How I originally described the season:

We had a season of mid-table obscurity this time around as we never thretened the play-off spots or got worried about relegation. Pre-season injuries to Leon Thorne, Geraint Pierce, Lewis Watkins, and Alan Gallimore set us up for a terrible start to the season that improved once the players came back from the physio-room. However, the team never really got a good run of results going, with our 3 match winning streak right after we started the season with 2 points from 5 games being our best run of results. We scored less than last season and got 7 less points, but the defensive improvement (we conceded 5 goals less) is welcomed. Overall, a season that could easily be forgotten, but one in which many of the later Youths have taken over the older ones as the first generation change begins.

That Years Intake

A very good intake overall, with Adam Abbott II-YP11b, Andy McMahon-YP11c, Kerem Moore-YP11d, and Ben Nunnerlley-YP11f the standouts in hindsight, with one of them eventually winning the Golden Boy award.

My look on it 8 seasons into the future:

While un-eventful on the pitch, the generation change that began this season would take us up twice and into the Prem. Adam Abbott-YP1a was replaced by Geraint Pierce-YP8b at right back, while Derek Wilson-YP2b lost his spot to a player who would only have one good season: John Dunphy-YP4d. Watkins made history by winning the nPower League 1 Player Of The Season Award. The Starting XI had two changes as the generational change began: Andrew Kelly-YP6a ; Geraint Pierce-YP8b | Allan Gallimore-YP7a | Declan Rowlands-YP3c | Ian Rooney-YP4b; | Stuart Thompson-YP3d | Leon Thorne-YP2c | Lewis Watkins-YP5a; John Dunphy-YP4d | Sean Coleman-YP3b; Johnny O'Connor-YP4c

Final Thoughts

Watkins would't leave the club for another season and a half, but The Watkins Years ended as soon as the next intake arrived as a new era at the club began. You can see how Watkins was much better than all my other players from the moment he came out of my academy, and it should be no surprise that a player worthy of a similar description would be the one to take over as star player.

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Next flash from Bury St. Edmunds!

WE GOT IT SKRILL PREMIER HERE WE GO! After amazing season becous I dont know how I did it with 16yo keeper which actually went whole league season 45 matches losing 45 goals and 15 times he was clear ... anyway we did holy job!

Best 5 Youth Players Watch:

Kenny Young YP01b : Still I think hes my best player so far great season for him (even if raports say that Petruzzi got best potential)

Wayne Tyrie YP01a : Good season for him too lets say 01 intake taking control of the 1 squad :)

Charles Catchpool YP02a : I wasnt sure that puthing him in first squad will be good for our backs becouse Courtney and Rivers played very well but since Rivers dont want make new contract he jump in and stay to the end of season :)

Cameron Wild YP02b : Bigest suprise ever . Morgan got inj on first half of the season and my asistant recomend me him for sub . But he dont give back Morgan spot in first team for long and long

Rian Townley YP02 : Bentley same like Rivers dont want contract that would make me happy . He jump in and he gives me many important points . Big suprise

Youth Intake :

Tim Barlow YP03a

Graig Jameson YP03b

Colin Jordan YP03c

Ebby Batt YP03d

Next solid intake . MOAR ST when im playing only one roftl . Ive got DM which is nice coz I need person on that position and i got second goalkeeper with 4,5 potential this year so I hope i got sub :p

Next Season : Survive, improve youth lvl and junior coaching .

I lost probably Rivers and Stock if they dont sing halfprofesional contracts still + Lomax which want earn to much money imo so DL is open for one of youth . I guess Bentley will also leave me if someone will interested . One of C1 club from Italy scouted Petruzzi hope they wont make move but i think i can sell him for 200K + I have a lot ST and I wont rush L2 so money to improve fac are more importent for now and ofc go profesional and academy lvl sounds good in next 2 seasons

Career :

Season 1

Season 2

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braumiller Seasons are flying in Sweden. I can't believe you already played 16 of them! Good luck in CL next season. I think that at least 1 win will be definite sign of progress.

TheGreatTraveler Awesome read! I know who won Golden boy award and I know when I saw that I couldn't believe that player with not that great attributes could play that well :)

Sn00gle Congrats on promotion and good luck in Premier. I still have nightmares about that division.

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Truro City FC - Season 17/18



After finishing 10th last season I expected a safe mid-table finish again this season. But I was totally wrong. After winning 2 and drawing one of the first 3 games we were sitting at the top of the table. Then, we went on this amazing (sarcasm) run. 6 points out of 45 and we found ourselves at the other end of the table with 7 points up to safety. Especially my wingers performed badly so I changed to a tactic without wingers and the results started going our way again. We spent the whole second half of the season just above the relegation zone but thankfully we never dropped back in it. A very frustrating season and it doesn't feel like we've improved at all.


A very bad cup-year as well. Lost our first games in both competitions vs Skrill Premier teams.

Top players:

1. Andy Burke (14D): Not the best season but he still saved us in a few games. 15 league goals.

2. Cody Cooke: As usual a solid season from the captain. Unfortunately for us he is not interested in signing a new deal so he will be leaving. Good thing that central midfield is our strongest area.

3. Matthew Brook (14A): My best centreback this year. He has been with us every season so far but like Cooke he will leave because he isn't interested in renewing. Big loss.

4. Gary Croft (15A): His retraining as a defensive midfielder is almost complete. He's probably the player I'm most happy with this season. Also Vice-Captain.

5. Clint Ritchie (15G): His season was pretty average to be fair but still 15 league goals.

Youth intake

Not as good as the previous intakes but still decent. 4 tagged.

Ed Howe (18A): A right-back who will probably get some games next season because my first-choice RB seems to be very injury-prone. I like his 10 Long Throws-stat.

Leon Parry (18B): A fairly interesting central-midfielder with nice passing. He will have to spend a season with the youth-team first.

Rob Holt (18C): I really like the look of him. I think he can make a great BBM in the future. He will get games.

Ross Montacute (18D): A striker with 10 composure is nice to see when your current has 6.. Still, a few seasons in the youth team or on loan before he's ready to contribute.

Best 5 previously tagged youth-players:

1. Mark Ratcliffe (15B): He's now first-choice as centreback and will be even more important next season as Brook leaves.

2. Jonathan Kilburn (16B): Well. He wasn't outstanding by any means but he did what I expected of him. It looks like my assistant overrated his potential at first though.

3. Gregg Almond (16C): Only 24 games including subs this season but he did fine. I have previously trained him as a MC but his stats would also suit a False-9 role. I'll have to think about that.

4. Ethan Minturn (17C): Youth-player from last year who surprised many and played most of my games. Looks like he's close to his potential though.

5. Lewis Mitchell (15D): He tore his hamstring around christmas and was out for 3 months but did well when he was fit.


Still bleeding financially because I can't win games in the FA-cup. I really wish I could get a lucky draw to get some cash next year.

The board agreed to upgrade youth facilities in the middle of the season but it was scrapped by the end.

Previous goals:

* Safe mid-table finish. Failed

* Have a run in the FA-cup Failed

* Upgrade youth facilities or youth recruitment network Failed

Next season:

* Safe mid-table finish

* Have a run in the FA-cup

* Upgrade youth facilities or youth recruitment network

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Shakes - That inconsistency in the league sounds frustrating. Hopefully your new risky tactic can help with that.

Braumiller - £7.5M certainly sounds helpful. Impressive wins vs Sevilla and AZ and good luck vs PSV next season.

Infinity & mshort22 - Good luck :)

TheGreatTraveler - Great read. Lewis Watkins attributes at 16... Wow.

Sn00gle - Gratz on promotion. Hopefully your team have what it takes to stay up.

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TheGreatTraveler, great read! And with your Watkins years piece, it has inspired me (doomed me?!) to change my tactic from last year, to highlight my probable star player, who did not fit into my new winning tactic perfectly. A new, never used by me formation has been born.....

toon, that is almost identical to my first Champions League group ~2 years ago. Switch Juve for Arsenal and that is it. Good luck!

Good luck Infinity & mshort22! A Weymouth attempt!

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FC United - Season 1 Review (2014/2015) - Skrill North


League Table[/url] | |


My third attempt at this challenge in England. FC United has pretty decent reputation and starting squad. Big difference is that best players want to renew their contracts which will be invaluable until youth prospects develop a bit. Hired &


Skrill South - 9th

FA Cup - 2nd qualifying round

FA Trophy - 1st round

Season Review

FC United starting squad was a bit better than what I was used to. Team played well, especially first part of season where we flirted with promotion playoff spot. Winter saw us going on 9 matches without a win and we plummeted to mid table. Team stabilized and we finished season on 9th place. Board accepted to upgrade Junior coaching & Training Facilities, but overall pretty uneventful season.

p.s. One interesting fact. 1st choice keeper already accepted offer from another club when I was hired and I was stuck with 16 year old keeper with handling 4. Many times during a season my assistant offered me THIS advice. Drop my and put my between the posts?!? Someone deserves to be fired, I'm just not sure if that is my keeper or my assistant :)

Youth Intake

Forgot to take screenshot, but overall good intake.

Nathan Woodcraft (YP 01A) - Star of this intake. Rated as good League 2 winger, but still undeveloped. Got a few games and while he didn't played that well, his awesome height & jump proved to be quite a weapon as he dominated opposing FBs in air.

Arron Brown (YP 01B) - Another winger, but this one is rated Skrill Premier potential. He will need lots of development (especially his dribbling and pace).

Nathan Robarts (YP 01C) - Good striker, but maybe he will be retrained at MC and give us that midfielder who is constant threat for opposing goal.

Dick Wallace (YP 01D) - Very short DC/MC but with good attributes. If he was just a bit taller, he would be immediate starter at DC... He will get into rotation at MC spot with defensive duties as his marking, tackling and positioning are very good.

Michael Love (YP 01E) - Another striker. He will get some playing time next season since I am a bit short upfront.

Malachi Selfe (YP 01F) - Good defender. He will get his playing time on DC or RB spot.


Board accepted to upgrade junior coaching (adequate) and training facilities (basic).

Goals for next season


Upgrade training or youth facilities.

Have a cup run.

Give youths some playing time.

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I wish I get Woodcraft ;/ Gj bro

Yeah, he is a great talent, but he is not playing that great. He is a starter, but he rarely assists or scores. Usually he wins a header which leads to key pass or assist.

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Well 16 yo dont get enough exp i get same with Petruzzi he is great talent but no scoring nothing just potential without anything I loan him now and he scored some goals there we will see . Scotish premiership club wants Wild <lol> but i dont think i even hold my job becouse i probably got relegation from premier but 4 matchs to end so we will see

Lol i survive only becouse i got better goal bilance xD

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