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Ubuntu skin for FM2014 would be cool?


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Hi All,

Aside from a few post posted during the past 2 weeks I have been away from sigames forums for a couple of years. Back at that time there was a skinning expert Rangers Fan on these forums, who also was an sigames employee I believe. Yet I cannot seem to remember his nickname, nor his name. ( If You know him, please be so kind and help me out ) Anyways, I would like to ask him and also everyone who gets to this skinning thread: Would it make sense to celebrate the first (Ubuntu) Linux native release of Football Manager with an Ubuntu/Linux skin? I do not mean anything oversophysticated (<--- does this word even make sense in English? ), but a slighly adjusted default skin with little Ubuntu touch. I believe it would not take rocket science, and Ubuntu users - such as myself - would welcome it warmly.

What do You think? (Also, what is the name of the person I cannot remember the name of - and I would like to apologize for this to him... Sorry.)

Best Regards,


P.s.: Since Ubuntu and Linux is for Everyone, I believe no serious licensing issue should be raised :)

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