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-- FM 13 -- clemo's 442 Nyent System. B.E.A.utiful Football

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Hey guys, this will be my first ever tactical upload. I have developed this tactic with advise of many users on these forums and a bit of my own creative juices. Please don't be too harsh hehe.

I have found with this tactic it gives you majority of possession in most matches accept the major powers e.g (Barca, Man City ect)

Also I have beaten most of the major teams with very few shots ( a lot of chances created against weaker/mediocre teams )

I use the fullbacks on attack setting and the AML and AMR in winger/support setting which seems to be very effective thus far.

GK - D

FB - A CB - D CB - D DR - A

CM - D CM - A


AF - A DLF - S

LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/download/3n5d7lrpivodwdn/442_Nyent.tac

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