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FM12 Editor Data Files Problem

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Not sure whether anybody will respond to this or know what the problem might be but I decided to create a new league competition for Liechtenstein and also recreated the Champions League and Europa League (in FM12 as per title). There pretty much is no overlapping of the databases since I saved it before I added the nation/continental rules, then had one save with the added Liechtenstein rules and one for the updated Europe. Now when I go to select the editor data files in game, when either are selected on their own, they work fine but if I select them together, it comes up with problems with a lot of the European nations. Like it says for England "Require max of 20 teams for Premier divisions, found 21, require max of 22 teams for BSS, found 23" and for Liechtenstein, it says "require minimum of 10 teams, found 0". Has that problem with a lot of other nations as well.

I'm not sure what the problem could be though

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I had same problem

read the FAQ

did what it said and it resolved the issue

.....but with krlenjushka

assisting you will be fine

he is excellent

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