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Which formation and playing style would suit my team?

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In addition to the players who are starting, I have both Enrique and Shaw injured, which is why Coates started. Well, I won the treble first season with Liverpool, which includes the Europe League, PL and Carling Cup, and I am definitely satisfied with that. However, I am not too satisfied with how we played. We won with only one goal in almost each match, though I had good results, but the reason behind my sucsess was few goals against. I want to score more and exploit the strengths within the team. Last season I only bought Ilsinho and Boka as a back-up on left back, because I wanted to see how far I could come with a good tactical mind. Now that I have built a good team, I would rather try to play more attractive and score more goals, although I was trying to do that last season as well.

Here is my line-up:

Edit: Sorry, but how do you upload a picture from your computer onto her?

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For new users of the forum, before uploads are possible I think it requires the moderators to check to make sure your not a spam bot, after that, you should be fine.

Edit: Oh, don't worry you get that! Ignore me!

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