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Tried Searching Cannot Find The Answer. League Start Dates.

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Hello all,

I've tried searching through this site and through google to access the other FM sites, but I have had no luck.

Has the title suggests I'm trying to find out what the specific dates are for the league starting points, I want to increase the preseason period on a new save. The drop down menu shows the months but not the day. So, does anyone have a list or know where a list can be found of these dates?

Thanks in advance.

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Short of going to the league select screen then ticking the league checking the date and unticking again, although there are such things for regen dates and such like so you might find a list on the forum somewhere if you look carefully enough.

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Ok, here goes... <deep breath>

South Africa: 14 July 2012

Australia: 1 Aug 2012

China: 16 Jan 2012 or 14 Jan 2013

Hong Kong: 19 Jul 2012

India: 14 Jul 2012

Indonesia: 1 Aug 2012

Malaysia: 1 Dec 2011 or 29 Nov 2012

Singapore: 14 Jan 2012 or 12 Jan 2013

South Korea: 4 Feb 2012 or 2 Feb 2013

Austria: 23 Jun 2012

Belarus: 29 Feb 2012 or 25 Feb 2013

Belgium: 4 Jul 2012

Bulgaria: 6 Jun 2012

Croatia: 26 Jun 2012

Czech Rep: 10 Jul 2012

Denmark: 20 Jun 2012

England: 17 Jul 2012

Finland: 3 Jan 2012 or 25 Dec 2012

France: 2 Jul 2012

Germany: 26 Jun 2012

Greece: 12 Jul 2012

Hungary: 26 Jun 2012

Iceland: 31 Jan 2012 or 29 Jan 2013

Ireland: 24 Jan 2012 or 22 Jan 2013

Israel: 2 Jul 2012

Italy: 15 Jul 2012

Netherlands: 28 Jun 2012

N.Ireland: 17 Jun 2012

Norway: 20 Jan 2012 or 18 Jan 2013

Poland: 28 Jun 2012

Portugal: 18 Jul 2012

Romania: 2 Jun 2012

Russia: 14 Jun 2012

Scotland: 3 Jul 2012

Serbia: 24 Jun 2012

Slovakia: 26 Jun 2012

Slovenia: 14 Jun 2012

Spain: 2 Jul 2012

Sweden: 15 Feb 2012 or 13 Feb 2013

Switzerland: 26 Jun 2012

Turkey: 10 Jul 2012

Ukraine: 18 Jun 2012

Wales: 13 Jun 2012

Mexico: 26 Jun 2012

USA: 16 Jan 2012

Argentina: 17 Jul 2012

Brazil: 1 Jan 2012 or 30 Dec 2012

Chile: 4 Jan 2012 or 2 Jan 2013

Columbia: 4 Jan 2012 or 2 Jan 2013

Peru: 22 Jan 2012 or 16 Jan 2013

Uruguay: 23 Jul 2012

Hope this is of help!

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hey guys,

have a quick question. i play fm 2014. is it possible to change the start dates of a league somehow in the editor? it would be great if that would work...

greetz and thanks in advance...


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These are the dates where the season ticks over from one to the next if that's any good.

League re-set dates from FM13 (+ denotes confirmed FM14 re-set dates)

Austria - 25th June.

Belarus - 14th February.

+Belgium -30th June.

Bulgaria - 1st July.

Croatia - 20th June.

CzechRepublic - 30th June.

Denmark - 30th June.

Finland - 7th January.

+Greece - 20th June.

+Netherlands - 7th July.

+Hungary - 20th June.

Iceland - 25th November.

Israel - 20th June.

+N.Ireland - 20th June.

+Norway - 13th January.

Poland - 30th June.

Romania - 30th June.

Serbia - 9th July.

Slovakia- 29th June.

Slovenia - 1st July.

Sweden - 15th December.

Switzerland - 20th June.

+Ukraine - 27th June.

Wales - 20th June.

If you are after the date of the 1st games then no idea sorry.


Apologies. A bit late.

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the thing what i wanna do is this: i wanna start a season with fc kopenhagen. but i don't want it to start in summer i wanna come in in the middle of the danish season and pick up a struggeling fc kopenhagen. this i can easily do by just choosing a december start date. but if i do that the swedish, norwegan and finish leagues for example haven't been simulated. its just as if they didn't play for an entire season... and i don't really want that. any advice on how i can change that?

i hope u know what i meen?!

p.s. i chose the startdate of malaysia (which is dec. 10th in fm 2014) and its as if the swedish league didn't play a single game...

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All I can suggest is loading the game with the Danish start date, adding an unemployed manager to the game, send him on holiday until 10th December then when you return retire that manager and add yourself. Should help simulate all leagues (I also noticed that a few Scandinavian leagues weren't being simulated when attempting something similar).

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