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Best of British - How do I reduce the number of Foreign players allowed in EPL?


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Hi all,

I hope it's a really simple request, but not been able to locate anything similar in the forum!

I simply want to reduce the number of foreign players allowed in the English Premier League (or into England/UK). I want any nationalities ourside English (or British) to be restircted, and to help strengthen the local English talent. So, i'm thinking an EPL match day squad can only have 3 players outside UK nationality.

Do i need to:

- change the squad registration (i.e only 3 non-UK players can be registered in the match day squad?)

- change nation rules (for England?)

- change League rules for the EPL?

Could really do with some advice, as i've trawled through the Editor with no luck!

Cheers in advance!

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Unfortuneately, you wont be able to edit the league as it is. In order to set foreign player limits, you'll have to recreate the Premier League and set player limits that way.

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This used to work in past editions of the game, admittedly I haven't tried it on this version yet. But....

Add nation rules -> add lower division and cups to existing structure ->

2. Save this as an Xml file without touching it. All the leagues are present as hard coded, but saved in Xml form.

3. Open the Xml file, find the league you want to edit and change the part that says

<string id="use_game_rules" value="active_comp"/>

and change this to

<string id="use_game_rules" value="not_in_game"/>

Open it up the file in the editor and you should be able to edit the existing comp.

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